Early Coursework

Early Coursework

Honors courses provide opportunities for undergraduate students to experience small, seminar-style classes, while satisfying General Education requirements and learning skills and knowledge necessary to conduct independent research and creative work within their major. All of the courses are inquiry-based, training students in critical thinking and independent research.  The Honors Program offers “A-section” Courses and Honors Courses.

Signing up for an Honors/A-Section Course

Once accepted into the Honors Program, students are given departmental overrides for Honors/A-section courses. Please remember that the overrides do not register students for the course; to ensure a seat please register for the courses on the indicated registration date and time found on myUH.

If an override for a specific Honors/A-section was not granted prior to registration, please contact the Honors Program office (honors@hawaii.edu).


Deciding Not to Take an Honors or A-Section Course for a Semester

For those who are not able to take an Honors/A-section course for a semester:

Option 1: Take two Honors/A-section courses in the following semester.

Option 2: Take an Honors course during the summer.

Option 3: Fulfill the requirements of the Honors 399.

Regardless of the option you choose, please schedule an appointment with an Honors Program Advisor regarding this decision.

Students who do not inform us about their failure to take an Honors or A-section course, or who fail to maintain the minimum 3.2 GPA cumulatively and in their majors will be put on Programmatic Probation for not taking an Honors/A-section course for the semester.

“A-section” Courses

“A-section” courses are special sections of regular classes that are reserved for Honors students. Enrollment is limited to 20 students. Generally, such courses provide students with a more in-depth and challenging exploration of the subject matter.  However, in some cases involving a sequence of pre-requisite courses, they may also be accelerated versions of the non-Honors equivalents. “A-sections” provide for a greater degree of interaction between students and instructors, and students are expected to take greater initiative in their learning.

The list of current A-section courses as well as Honors courses can be found here

Honors Courses

A list of the various Honors “Alpha” courses offered (with descriptions) can be found here