Honors and A Section Courses


Fall 2016 Tentative Course Listing

CRNCourseGen. Ed/ FocusMyUH TitleInstructorDays & HoursClassroom
AMST 150A (001)FGBAmerica and the World
ANTH 151A (001)FGAEmerging Humanity
ART 101A (001)DAIntro to the Visual Arts
BIOL 171L (001)DYIntro to Biology I Lab
COMG 251A (001)DAPrinciples of Eff Public Speaking
ECON 130A (001)DSPrinciples of Microeconomics
ENG 100A (001)FWComposition I
ENG 100A (002)FWComposition I
ENG 100A (003)FWComposition I
HIST 161A (001)FGAWorld Cultures in Perspective
75387HON 101 (001)WIntro to Research at Manoa
73821HON 101 (002)WIntro to Research at Manoa
78171HON 101 (003)WIntro to Research at Manoa
HON 101 (004)WIntro to Research at Manoa
HON 101 (005)WIntro to Research at Manoa
88770HON 291H (001)W, DHSophomore Seminar
76564HON 291B (001)W, DBSophomore Seminar
85134HON 303 (0010W, O, EPublic Policy-Making
76458HON 399 (001)Internship
74905HON 491 (001)WJunior Seminar
75642HON 495 (001)W, OIntro to Research
77727HON 495 (002)W, OIntro to Research
71424HON 496 (001)WSenior Honors Project
71425HON 496 (002)WSenior Honors Project
75919HON 496 (003)WSenior Honors Project
76459HON 499 (001)EDirected Reading/ Research
HWST 107A (001)DH, HHawaii: Center of the Pacific
HWST 107A (002)DH, HHawaii: Center of the Pacific
PHYS 272A (001)DPGeneral Physics II
POLS 110A (001)DSIntro to Political Science
SOC 100A (001)DSIntro to Sociology

Spring 2016 Courses

CRNCourseGen. Ed/ FocusMyUH Title InstructorDays & HoursClassroom
89254AMST 220A (001)DH, HAP, WI Intro to Indigenous StudiesB McDougallMW: 10:30-11:20
F: 10:30-11:20
KUY 209
84162ANTH 152A (001)FGBCulture and HumanityJ BrunsonTR: 12:00-1:15SAUND 242
89563ART 101A (001)DAIntroduction to Visual ArtsM PortnerTR: 10:30-11:45ART 360
86560BIOL 171L (003)DYIntroduction to Biology I LabK BennettT: 9:00-11:45EDM 103
89615BOT 105A (001)FGCEthnobotanyA ChockMW: 12:30-1:20STJHN 402
85600COMG 151A (001)DAPersonal and Public SpeechJ MatayoshiW: 12:30-1:20
MF: 1:30-2:20
ART 132
84241ECON 131A (001)DSPrinciples of MacroeconomicsD ChingMWF: 10:30-11:20GRG 214
80789ENG 100A (001)FWComposition IS HolmesMWF: 11:30-12:20KUY 304
89645ENG 100A (002)FWComposition IK GarlandTR: 9:00-10:15KUY 304
87763HIST 162A (001)FGBWorld Cultures in PerspectiveS BrownMWF: 9:30-10:20HOLM 211
83233HON 101 (001)WIIntro to Research at ManoaE CodierTR: 8:00-9:15SAKAM A104
88773HON 101 (002)WIIntro to Research at ManoaF ThomasMW: 1:30-2:45SAKAM C103
86021HON 101 (003)WIIntro to Research at ManoaA GolubTR: 10:30-11:45KUY 406
88771HON 291B (001)DB, NI, WISophomore Sem: Biological SciD HaymerM: 1:30-4:00BIOMD T208
88772HON 291B (002)DB, NI, WISophomore Sem: Biological SciZ StoytchevaT: 1:30-4:00STJHN 15
88770HON 291H (001)DH, NI, WISophomore Sem: HumanitiesK JollyW: 1:30-4:00SAKAM B104
85134HON 301 (001)ETH, OC, WIPublic Policy-MakingA AgcaoiliM: 1:30-4:00ARCH 101A
89500HON 399 (001)Internship - 3 CreditsS Ní DhonachaOnlineOnline
86265HON 491WIJunior SeminarR StotzerW: 1:30-4:00BUSAD D102
81134HON 495 (001)OC, WIIntroduction to ResearchL YancuraT: 1:30-4:00BUSAD C103
88274HON 495 (002)OC, WIIntroduction to ResearchM StewartR: 1:30-4:00SAKAM A101
81135HON 496 (001)WISenior Honors ProjectV GonzalezTBATBA
81136HON 496 (002)WISenior Honors ProjectV GonzalezTBATBA
85241HON 496 (003)Seniors Honors ProjectV GonzalezTBATBA
89843HON 499 (002)EDirected Reading/ResearchC BeauleW: 10:30-1:00TBA
85177HWST 107A (001)DH, HAPHawaii: Center of the PacificR WilliamsMW: 3:00-4:15KAMA 201
81323MATH 252ANIAccelerated Calculus IIW SmithTR: 12:00-1:15
W: 11:30-12:20
KELL 301
KELL 413
89689PHYS 170A DPGeneral Physics IR MorseMTWF: 9:30-10:20WAT 415
86736SOC 100A (001)DSIntroduction to SociologyA CamachoMWF: 9:30-10:20GAR 101


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