Honors and A Section Courses


Spring 2016 Courses

MyUH Title InstructorDays & HoursClassroom
89254AMST 220A (001)DH, HAP, WI Intro to Indigenous StudiesB McDougallMW: 10:30-11:20
F: 10:30-11:20
KUY 209
84162ANTH 152A (001)FGBCulture and HumanityJ BrunsonTR: 12:00-1:15SAUND 242
89563ART 101A (001)DAIntroduction to Visual ArtsM PortnerTR: 10:30-11:45ART 360
86560BIOL 171L (003)DYIntroduction to Biology I LabK BennettT: 9:00-11:45EDM 103
89615BOT 105A (001)FGCEthnobotanyA ChockMW: 12:30-1:20STJHN 402
85600COMG 151A (001)DAPersonal and Public SpeechJ MatayoshiW: 12:30-1:20
MF: 1:30-2:20
ART 132
84241ECON 131A (001)DSPrinciples of MacroeconomicsD ChingMWF: 10:30-11:20GRG 214
80789ENG 100A (001)FWComposition IS HolmesMWF: 11:30-12:20KUY 304
89645ENG 100A (002)FWComposition IK GarlandTR: 9:00-10:15KUY 304
87763HIST 162A (001)FGBWorld Cultures in PerspectiveS BrownMWF: 9:30-10:20HOLM 211
83233HON 101 (001)WIIntro to Research at ManoaE CodierTR: 8:00-9:15SAKAM A104
88773HON 101 (002)WIIntro to Research at ManoaF ThomasMW: 1:30-2:45SAKAM C103
86021HON 101 (003)WIIntro to Research at ManoaA GolubTR: 10:30-11:45KUY 406
88771HON 291B (001)DB, NI, WISophomore Sem: Biological SciD HaymerM: 1:30-4:00BIOMD T208
88772HON 291B (002)DB, NI, WISophomore Sem: Biological SciZ StoytchevaT: 1:30-4:00STJHN 15
88770HON 291H (001)DH, NI, WISophomore Sem: HumanitiesK JollyW: 1:30-4:00SAKAM B104
85134HON 301 (001)ETH, OC, WIPublic Policy-MakingA AgcaoiliM: 1:30-4:00ARCH 101A
89500HON 399 (001)Internship - 3 CreditsS Ní DhonachaOnlineOnline
86265HON 491 (001)WIJunior SeminarR StotzerW: 1:30-4:00BUSAD D102
81134HON 495 (001)OC, WIIntroduction to ResearchL YancuraT: 1:30-4:00BUSAD C103
88274HON 495 (002)OC, WIIntroduction to ResearchM StewartR: 1:30-4:00SAKAM A101
81135HON 496 (001)WISenior Honors ProjectV GonzalezTBATBA
81136HON 496 (002)WISenior Honors ProjectV GonzalezTBATBA
85241HON 496 (003)Seniors Honors ProjectV GonzalezTBATBA
89843HON 499 (002)EDirected Reading/ResearchC BeauleW: 10:30-1:00TBA
85177HWST 107A (001)DH, HAPHawaii: Center of the PacificR WilliamsMW: 3:00-4:15KAMA 201
81323MATH 252ANIAccelerated Calculus IIW SmithTR: 12:00-1:15
W: 11:30-12:20
KELL 301
KELL 413
89689PHYS 170A DPGeneral Physics IR MorseMTWF: 9:30-10:20WAT 415
86736SOC 100A (001)DSIntroduction to SociologyA CamachoMWF: 9:30-10:20GAR 101


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