Honors and A Section Courses


Spring 2015 Courses

Gen. Ed./Focus
MyUH Title
Days & Hours
AMST 150A (001)FGBAmerica and the WorldJeffrey Tripp
84506ANTH 152A (001)FGBCulture and HumanityJan BrunsonMW: 10:30-11:45SAUND 345
84941ART 101A (001)DAIntro to Visual ArtsMaya PortnerTR: 1:30-2:45ART 364
ASTR 110A (001)DPSurvey of Astronomy
BIOL 171L (005)DYIntro to Biology I LabCheryl Squair
BIOL 172L (001)DYIntro to Biology II LabAutumn Sunaoka
86175COMG 151A (001)DAPersonal and Public SpeechJennifer MatayoshiMF: 1:30-2:20;
Lab W 12:30-1:20
SPAL 155
84599ECON 131A (001)DSPrinciples of MacroeconomicsDavid ChingMWF: 10:30-11:20
80837ENG 100A (001)FWComposition IAnna FeuersteinMWF: 11:30-12:20
83483HON 101 (001)WIntro to Research at ManoaEstelle CodierMW: 8:00-9:15
86700HON 101 (002)WIntro to Research at ManoaAurelio AgcaoiliT: 1:30-4:00
85699HON 291P (001)WSophomore SeminarRobert JosephTR: 10:30-11:45
86701HON 291S (001)WSophomore SeminarLori YancuraT: 1:30-4:00
85606HON 301 (001)EPublic-Policy MakingRebecca StotzerT: 4:30-7:00
86703HON 399 (001)InternshipJennifer Custodio
81203HON 491 (001)WJunior SeminarMaria StewartTR: 3:00-4:15
86995HON 491 (002)WJunior SeminarMing-Bao Yue
81204HON 495 (001)W, OIntro to ResearchJonathan Goldberg-HillerW: 3:00-5:30
81205HON 496 (001) Senior Honors ProjectVernadette Gonzalez
81206HON 496 (002)WSenior Honors ProjectVernadette Gonzalez
85749HON 496 (003)WSenior Honors ProjectVernadette Gonzalez
HON 499 (001) Directed Reading/ResearchVernadette Gonzalez
85668HWST 107A (001)DH, HHawaii: Center of the PacificRonald WilliamsMW: 9:00-10:15KAMA 210
81416MATH 252A (001)Accelerated Calculus IIWayne SmithTR: 9:00-10:15;
Lab W 11:30-12:20
KELL 414;
Lab: KELL 301
86120MATH 253A (001)Accelerated Calculus IIIThomas HangelbroekTR: 9:00-10:15;
Lab W 11:30-12:20
KELL 413;
Lab: KELL 404
87411MUS 107A (001)FGCMusic in World CulturesJane MoulinTR: 10:30-11:45MB 9
88029POLS 110A (001)DSIntro to Political ScienceMichael ShapiroM: 1:30-4:00SAUND 641
87767SOC 100A (001)DSIntro to SociologyAngel CamachoMWF: 9:30-10:20SAUD 244

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