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Fall 2014 Courses

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Days & Hours
79537AMST 150A (001)America and the World (FGB)MW; Lab: F: 11:30-12:20pmJeffrey TrippHIG 110; Lab HOLM 243
79568AMST 220A (001)Intro to Indigenous Studies (DH, HAP, WI)MW; Lab: F: 10:30-11:20amBrandy McDougallKUY 307; Lab: MOORE 102
78044ANTH 151A (001)Emerging Humanity (FGA)MWF: 11:30-12:20pmNancy CooperGAR 101
76397ART 101A (001)Intro to Visual Arts (DA)TR: 9:00 AM-10:15 AMMia PortnerART 360
76849ART 175A (001)Survey to Global Art I (FGA)TR: 8:00-9:15amART 137
76888ASTR 110A (001)Survey of Astronomy (DP)MWF: 9:30 AM- 10:20 AMRobert JosephWAT 114
70232ASTR 110L (002)Survey of Astronomy Lab (DY)W: 7:00pm-10:00pmR. WainscoatPHYSCI 112
76038BIO 171L (005)Intro to Biology I Lab (DY)T: 9:00 AM-11:45 AMCheryl SquairEDM 101
77798BIOL 172L (001)Intro to Biology II Lab (DY)T: 1:30pm-4:15pmAutumn SunaokaEDM 112
76707COMG 251A (001)Principles of Public Speaking (DA)M 12:30-1:20; Lab WF: 1:30-2:20pmJennifer MatayoshiBIL 152; Lab: GRG 215
75236ECON 130A (001)Principles of Microeconomics (DS)MWF: 12:30pm-1:20pmDavid ChingSAUND 541
71189ENG 100A (001)Composition I (FW)MWF: 11:30-12:20pmJ. MorseKUY 302
79640ENG 100A (002)Composition I (FW)TR: 12:00pm-1:15pmM. GreshamSAKAM B103
74389HON 101 (002)Intro to Research at Manoa (WI)TR: 130pm-245pmRobert JosephSAKAM C203
76331HON 101 (003)Intro to Research at Manoa (WI)MWF: 9:30-10:20amSusan SchultzBUSAD D301
78778HON 101 (004)Intro to Research at Manoa (WI)TR: 900am-1015amKaren JollySAKAM D103
78805HON 101 (005)Intro to Research at Manoa (WI)TR: 300-415pM StewartSAKAM C101
79575HON 190 (003)Honors TutorialT: 130pm-220pmE GuentnerPHYSCI 208
78291HON 291B (002)Sophomore Seminar (DB) (WI)R: 300pm-530pmJoan RoughgardenBUSAD D301
74745HON 291H (001)Sophomore Seminar (DH) (WI)TR: 1030 - 1145AChristine BeauleSAKAM C101
75179HON 291S (001)Sophomore Seminar (DS) (WI)T: 1:30-4:00 PMLoriena YancuraBUSAD C103
78009HON 399 (1)InternshipTBA: TBAJennifer CustodioTBA
75710HON 491 (001)Junior Seminar (WI)TR: 10:30-11:45 AMChristine BeauleSAKAM C101
76649HON 491 (004)Junior Seminar (WI)R: 3:00-5:30 PMJoan RoughgardenBUSAD D301
76650HON 495 (003)Intro to Research (OC, WI)M: 300pm-530pmDharm BhawukSAKAM A103
71607HON 496 (001)Senior Honors ProjectW: 3:30-4:30pVernadette GonzalezKUY 303
71608HON 496 (002)Senior Honors Project (WI)M: 3:30-4:30pVernadette GonzalezKUY 303
77061HON 496 (003)Senior Honors Project (WI)T: 3:00-4:00pVernadette GonzalezKUY 303
77504HON 496 (004)Senior Honors Project (WI)TBA: TBAVernadette GonzalezTBA
79574HON 496 (005)Senior Honors Project (WI)TBA: TBAVernadette GonzalezTBA
79658HON 496 (006)Senior Honors ProjectR: 3:00-4:00pVernadette GonzalezKUY 303
76931HWST 107A (001)Hawaii: Center of the Pacific (DH,H)MW: 3:00-4:15pmRobert WilliamsKAMA 210
71859MATH 251A (001)Accelerated Calculus I (FS)TR 9:00-10:15 AM; Lab: W: 830-920amW. SmithKELL 404
76886MATH 252A (001)Accelerated Calculus II TR 9:00-10:15 AM; Lab: F: 1030-1120amT. HangrelbroekKELL 414
71860MATH 253A (001)Accelerated Calculus IIIMTWF: 10:30-11:20amS. PostKELL 402
78174MUS 107A (001)Music in World Cultures (FGC)TR: 10:30-11:45amJane MoulinMB 9
77064PHYS 170A (001)General Physics I (DP)MTWF: 9:30 AM- 10:20 AMRobert MorseWAT 415
79192POLS 110A (001)Intro to Political Science (DS)M: 1:30pm-4:00pmE. KimuraSAUND 641
72703SOC 100A (001)Intro to Sociology (DS)TR: 10:30-11:45amSusan WurtzburgSAUND 242

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