Criteria and Evaluation of your Honors Project

Honors are awarded on the basis of the completed body of the student’s work, including coursework in Honors, overall and major GPA, and the Senior Honors Project. The most weight is given to the Honors Senior Project, and the Honors Council makes the final recommendation upon review of the candidate’s materials.

Evaluation process

The Senior Honors Project is assessed by a thesis committee consisting of the Thesis Mentor and one additional Committee Member. The student’s thesis committee should meet to discuss its evaluation of the Senior Honors Project. Thesis committee members should consider in their assessment of the final project the process of its production (research, drafts, rehearsal etc.). The thesis committee reviews the final draft of the Project and makes its assessment in a written report submitted to the Honors Program.

The thesis committee will evaluate the project using the following criteria and evaluation for the following:

The evaluation form is to be drafted by the primary Honors Thesis Mentor and should be signed by each committee member. Detailed comments are accompanied by a summary assessment of “No Honors” or “Honors.” If committee members do not reach a consensus, they may submit separate evaluation forms.

At the end of the report we ask that the thesis committee make a collective judgment of whether or not the Senior Honors Project is worthy of the Honors designation.

Please note that in the case where the student’s project is also part of the requirement for the degree in a major, such as in Global Environmental Studies and History, the project must satisfy the department before it can be considered for Honors.