Honors Early Notification Completion Instructions

You will need to complete:

You will need to provide:


  • You cannot save during the Statement of Interest completion process.
  • You may wish to to answer the short answer questions in a separate word processing document.
  • Then cut and paste your answers into the online Statement of Interest Form.

Student Housing for Prospective Honors Students

Honors Housing is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

In 3 Easy Steps…

  1. Apply to the Honors Program by our deadline
  2. Apply for UHM Student Housing by their priority deadline
  3. Gain admittance to the Honors Program

For more information click here.

The information below explains what we’re looking for in your responses.

1. Essay

You will also be asked to submit a short essay, or personal statement. The personal statement should be no more than 500 words.

  • How does the Honors Program fit your future goals?

Students should tell us something about them, their interests, and what motivates them. Don’t worry, this is not a research paper. The personal statement will help us get to know you and we may later refer to it for program assessment purposes.

2. Recommendation

You are required to submit one Recommendation form from someone who can attest to your academic excellence.

  • To submit an Recommendation, you must send the link to the Recommendation form to the person you wish to recieve a recommendation from.
  • That person will fill out the form and send the recommendation directly to the Honors Program where it will be compiled with the rest of your Auto-Admit Completion materials.
  • You should find a recommender in advance to ensure they have time to submit the Recommendation before the deadline.

3. Deadline

The deadline to receive priority registration for in the upcoming Fall semester is June 30th.

Please Note…

Incomplete Submission 

The Honors Program will remind you if your submission is incomplete, but please note that it is up to you to make sure your letter of recommendation is successfully sent to us and received in our online system. 

Students with Disabilities

The Honors Program is committed to serving the needs of our students with disabilities to ensure all our students receive optimal access, support and advocacy. Persons with disabilities who need an accommodation in regards to the submission process can contact the Honors Program to discuss your options.