Why You Should Take a Seminar

If you like to participate actively in class discussions, find you like to voice your opinion in a small group setting, want to engage your fellow students in conversations about your course, then a seminar should be your choice. Seminars are great ways to begin your first year in college! They are NOT scary or intimidating. You are led by a peer and share your learning with only a few other students. Take a look at what former seminar students have to say about this program:

“The small class size made the transition from high school really easy… I didn’t get lost in those big lecture halls. Plus, I got to know a lot of the other students.”

– Kawena Vierra, Former Freshman Seminar Student

“I enjoyed my fall Ethnic Studies and Sociology classes so much that I rearranged my schedule to take more Freshman Seminar courses in the spring. Freshman Seminar leaders are easy to talk to, flexible, and will go the distance to help you succeed. This program has made my first year in college a memorable one. Take Freshman Seminars… they are the best!”

– Ali Garcia, Former Freshman Seminar Student.