Seminar Registration FAQ’s

prospective students6

1. Can I participate in both ACE and Freshman Seminar?

Yes! Many students in ACE supplement their cluster with a Freshman Seminar.

2. Do I need to enroll in all Freshman Seminars to participate in this program?

No. You can enroll in one or two… that is up to you, degree requirements, and course availability! Students in our ACE learning communities are registered for the same cluster of courses offered in the learning community. Students in Freshman Seminar register for courses on their own; therefore, they can register for as many as they like. Please meet with an academic advisor to help create an academic plan. Many of our freshman seminars fulfill DS (Diversification – Social Science) requirements (ES 101, POLS 110, and SOC 100). Most degrees require only two (2) DS courses. Again, please meet with an academic advisor!

3. How do I Register for a Freshman Seminar course?

Classified freshmen can follow normal online course registration procedures. When registering, please select the appropriate Freshman Seminar course section.
Note: All Freshman Seminar section numbers are 300+ in order to be identifiable.

4. Is there a waiting list?

No. Acceptance into Freshman Seminar courses are on a first-come, first-served basis.