Prospective Students

Access to College Excellence
(ACE) is a learning community program that places cohorts of up to fifteen freshmen into clusters of two or three general education courses with a one-credit integrating seminar (CAS 110: Access to the College Community)). ACE clusters help you get started on your graduation requirements and create a positive social and academic network in your first semester.

What is CAS 110?
CAS 110 is a small group, one-credit integrating seminar in which you meet weekly with your fellow ACE students and your peer mentor. This course receives a letter grade (A-F). Some of the essential components of this seminar include:

  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Learning about campus resources
  • Connecting with faculty
  • Exploring different major and career choices
  • Developing successful studying strategies
  • Organizing and completing a service learning project

Throughout the semester, students will submit brief journal reflections and small writing assignments. As part of their career exploration project, students will have the opportunity to share a short presentation on a career area of their choice.
In addition, out-of-class activities will be offered to help students get to know one another better. Many ACE students elect to form study groups and attend faculty office hours and tutoring sessions.