Mentor Overview (OLD)


What is an ACE peer mentor?

ACE gives upperclassmen the opportunity to develop their facilitation and leadership skills. Upperclassmen who sign on as Peer Mentors serve as the following for the ACE students:

  • Group Leader/Facilitator: As a peer mentor, you will meet weekly with a small cohort of freshmen to develop activities and strategies that will help your students adjust to the academic and social expectations at UHM. You will be expected to assist students with the formation of out-of-class study groups, encourage positive group dynamics that enable all students to feel comfortable and safe in voicing their opinion, thoughts, and concerns, and to serve as a positive role model for our newest students.
  • Campus Resource: Part of student success at a large university is knowing when, where, and why to use campus resources. ACE peer mentors familiarize themselves with options and opportunities on campus, stay informed about events and activities, and direct students to appropriate offices and/or facilities when necessary. Peer mentor training will include some introduction to campus resources.
  • Liaison between Faculty and Students: Peer mentors are an important link between freshmen and their teachers, and can assist students with making personal contact with faculty members and positively influence the interaction between faculty and students. Each ACE cluster is encouraged to schedule a small group meeting with one of the faculty members teaching in the cluster, either formally or informally, in the traditional “Take Your Professor to Lunch.” Peer mentors are asked to facilitate this meeting. Guidelines are covered in training.

What activities do mentors coordinate & participate in?

  • One-on-One Mentor Meetings: Mentors meet with each student in their cluster at least once though-out the semester individually as friendly check in and rapport building session.
  • Cluster Outings: Mentors are required to coordinate at least two out of class activities that promote engagement with the UH Manoa campus and rapport building within the cluster.
  • Community Service: ACE students will complete a community service project during the semester. Peer mentors are expected to help facilitate the freshmen in planning this event.
  • ACE Bash: ACE wraps up the semester with an end-of-the-year party, with games, food, and fun! Peer mentors are expected to plan and coordinate any logistics for ACE Bash.
  • Peer Mentor Training: ACE Peer Mentor training is a mandatory week long intensive that takes place the week before school starts.

What qualifications do I need to be a peer mentor?

Applicants must be at least a junior (earned a minimum 55 credits) by the fall semester and be in good academic standing. Most of all, applicants must be sincerely interested in helping freshmen adjust to the demands of university classes and college life, which means that prospective peer mentors need to be willing to devote the time necessary to the program to be an effective ACE group leader. Applicants should be familiar with University resources and social and cultural events on campus, and feel comfortable talking with faculty. ACE also hopes for applicants who have previous experience working with groups.

Which cluster will I peer mentor?

ACE offers over 50 different learning communities with a variety of major interests. The ACE team  makes every effort to pair mentors with a cluster that matches career and academic interests. You will be notified of the cluster during summer orientation.

How are mentors compensated?

Beyond developing your skills as a student, a leader, and a facilitator; ACE Peer Mentors also earn 4 credits for participating in a course titled CAS 301. The course also earns a WI and O focus credit. The course reviews several higher education theories, discussion regarding group facilitation, and rapport building.

Additionally, mentors receive a $2000 stipend for their service as a Peer Mentor. In order to meet the requirements of the stipend, mentors must complete the mandatory week long peer mentor training, facilitate the 1-credit CAS 110 course, and actively participate in all ACE related fundraisers, activities, and engagement opportunities.

How do I apply?

Rolling admission based, early applications are recommended. Applications for Fall 2017 Peer Mentors are now closed!

If you have any other questions about being a mentor or the application process, please email us at  or call 1-808-956-8626 for more information.

Note: The application process will include an interview with ACE staff.