Meet the ACE Team

            Kyle                                                       Joshua    


Kyle Van Duser

  • ACE Experience: Director, Peer Mentor
  • Educational Background:
    M.S. Counseling Psychology, CSNR
  • Career Goal: Higher Education Administration
  • Hobbies: Surfing
  • Fun Fact: Can do the Moonwalk…
Joshua Baldovino
Program Coordinator

  • ACE Experience: Program Coordinator, Peer Mentor
  • Educational Background:
    B.A. Communications, SJSU
    M.A. Public Administration, UHM
  • Career Goal: Higher Education
  • Hobbies: CrossFit, Martial Arts, Hiking
  • Fun Fact: Chipotle? Yes please!


Kelli                 Konni Headshot              Angelie

Kelli Nagao
Student Coordinator

  • ACE Experience: Student Coordinator
  • Educational Background:
    B.A. Sociology & Psychology Candidate, UHM
  • Career Goal: Criminal Investigator
  • Hobbies: Spray Painting & Baking
  • Fun Fact: Has had blue, green, purple, pink and red hair before…but not all at the same time..


Konni Wilson
Student Coordinator

  • ACE Experience: Student Coordinator, Peer Mentor
  • Educational Background:
    B.A. German & Business Admin & Biology Minor Candidate, UMH
  • Career Goal: Virologist/Oncologist in third world countries
  • Hobbies: Randomly breaking into song, Paddling, Hiking, Eating lots of Häagen-Dazs
  • Fun Fact: Has had the Napoleon Dynamite Dance memorized since the 7th grade…
Angelie Cook
Graduate Analyst

  • ACE Experience: Graduate Analyst
  • Educational Background:
    B.S. Biology & Chinese, UHM
    M.P.H. Candidate, UMH
  • Career Goal: Cancer Epidemiology
  • Hobbies: Free Diving, Painting, Violin, Long naps
  • Fun Fact: Toooooo many pets: chameleon, tortoise, quail, parrot, love bird, 10 cockatiels, 2 parakeets, monarch butterflies, fish