Finalizing Your ACE Registration



OPEN MAY 13th – MAY 19th

After you have registered for an ACE Learning Community, there are several things you

need to make sure are put into place before school starts on August 26th.


If you haven’t registered for ACE yet, find a cluster here:

1. Take all required PLACEMENT EXAMS.

  • Certain classes like mathematics and chemistry require you to take a placement exam in order to gain eligibility for certain course levels. Failure to take the exam or not gaining eligibility for a course listed within your cluster will result in losing your ACE registration.

  Learn which courses require placement:

2. Input all GUIDED ELECTIVES into your schedule.

  • Some of our clusters include guided electives; OPTIONAL courses that aren’t included within our learning communities, but are recommended to be taken in order to reach 15 credits. Although you only need 12 credits to be considered a full-time student at UH Manoa, ACE recommends that your cluster courses and guided electives amount to at least 15 credit, in alignment with UH Manoa’s “Do It In Four” Campaign.
  • Guided electives are inputted manually through the UH Star system. Log onto star, click “Register- Add/Drop Classes” under the Fall 2018 tab, and add a personal choice with your desired class. Electives must be inputted 48 hours after ACE registration.

  Look to see if your cluster includes a guided elective:

4. Meet the 2019 PEER MENTORS.

  • The one-credit CAS 110 course in your schedule will be facilitated by one or two peer mentor(s). You will meet once a week to go over study tips, campus resources, and other beneficial pieces of information to help you adjust to college life.

  Meet the 2019 Peer Mentors here:

5. Go through the NEW STUDENT CHECKLIST.

  • After you have taken care of all of the steps above, go through the New Student Checklist to ensure everything, from your UH account to housing and tuition payments, has been accounted for. Note that failure to submit payments will place holds onto your account, which may result in losing ACE registration.

  View the checklist here:

6. Look over the CAS 110 READER.

  • For an overview of the lesson plan for Fall 2019, click the link below to download the CAS 110 Reader.

————> CAS 110 Reader: Fall 2019