Department Information

prospective students5Departments across campus participate in FS by designating one faculty member to facilitate the process. This faculty member is responsible for gathering a number of departmental juniors, seniors, or graduate students together to become leaders for the seminars. These leaders learn how to teach within their discipline by attending weekly meetings with the faculty member.


The leaders, in turn, are responsible for teaching an introductory course from their department to ten freshmen. Thus, one faculty member could be facilitating the teaching and learning of as many as 80 freshmen through the efforts of eight departmental FS leaders.


The freshmen are delighted to participate in seminars which are limited to ten students and are led by an upperclassman. This kind of classroom setting offers the freshmen opportunities to be more involved in discussions, to feel comfortable pushing their intellectual limits, and to become more creative in an academic setting.

Please contact us if you would be interested in learning more about how your department can offer Freshman Seminars.