ACE Program Feedback



“Being involved with the ACE program helped to introduce me to college life; teaching me how to approach professors and develop study skills, but more importantly, to establish myself in the school and develop relationships with fellow schoolmates.” – Melissa Mattos, 2007 ACE Student

“ACE is a great way to meet new people and build relationships. ACE is also a great way to help you transition from a high school setting to a college lifestyle.” – Mikelynn Kameoka, 2007 ACE Student

“Being in a large lecture hall can be very intimidating. I really appreciated my ACE cluster because I instantly became friends with people who had the same interest as me. We evolved into a tight support team and helped each other through our first semester of college.” – Jonelle Chock, 2007 ACE Student

“Being in the ACE Program was a great investment. I got to learn about the various resources on campus. I also learned great study skills and time-management tips. Through the program, I made new friends that I hope to last a life time.” – Shantal Guirao, 2007 ACE Student

“It’s amazing how quickly the first semester of college goes by; the people I have met have made each step of the journey worthwhile. I owe it to my mentor for showing me that college is about discovering myself and my potential. I am grateful for the wonderful experiences in ACE that furthered my understanding of learning and life.” – Angela Ablog, 2007 ACE Student

“I have been a strong supporter of ACE for over 10 years. I know from firsthand experience in the classroom what an outstanding learning community it is for first-year students. It provides a caring, nurturing environment, helping to ease the transition from high school and to get off to a successful start in college. I highly recommend it!” – Rick Caulfield, Associate Professor of Family Resources, FAMR 230

“The first year of college can be a pain without support. As an instructor in First Year Programs I’ve seen what a difference it can make to take courses with other first-year students and from instructors who understand what the first year of college is like.” – Randy Hensley, Student Learning Programs & Services
Sinclair Library/Student Success Center

Academic Advisors:

“At Manoa Advising Center, we make sure to mention the ACE learning communities to all our incoming students and highly recommend it to all of them as an excellent way to start their freshman year.” – Megumi Makino, Director, Manoa Advising Center

“ACE provided my TIM students with an opportunity to embrace the teaching faculty, the course work and of course, their peers. Students are able to share their triumphs and challenges with each other and the ACE mentors have been instrumental in their success.” – Kawehi Sellers, Director of Student Services, School of Travel Industry Management