2019 Freshman Registration Opens May 13- 19, 2019

Aloha Incoming UH Manoa Freshmen!!!

We hope you are excited for your first semester of college! Before you start winding down, we just wanted to clarify the registration options you have for the Fall 2019 Semester. When you log into your STAR account, you will have two options to register for Fall 2019:

Option #1: Standard Registration
Standard registration allows you to pick and choose what classes you want to take ala carte style. This option requires a little more background research to find out what courses fulfill your specific graduation requirements and how they fit into your major.

Option 2: ACE Learning Communities
ACE is free and open to all incoming freshman students. This options gives you a group of classes (based on your major) guaranteed to put you on a four year graduation track. Once you complete your ACE registration, you will have the option add any additional courses through STAR to give you additional credits.

  • Classes are hand picked by major advisers to fit your graduation track to provide high freshman success rates.
  • Better class times!! You are not left picking the leftover classes from upperclassmen because seats are reserved for you. Seats have been saved for ACE freshmen, even before seniors could register.
  • Paired with 15 student learning community + peer mentor to help establish networking and connections on campus.

To view the 60+ freshman learning communities offered click here.

ACE First year Programs serves to ensure students have a successful transition into college. We are geared to make your first semester/ year here at UH Manoa engaging and memorable!

Don’t forget to register!!! Hope you see you in Fall 2019!