Step 2: Fall 2019 Learning Communities



OPEN MAY 13th – MAY 19th

(Make sure you are logged onto your ‘@HAWAII.EDU’

email to access the form)


Here’s a couple things to keep in mind about our 2019 Learning Communities and registering through ACE:


1) 15 Credits for all Learning Communities

In alignment with UHM’s “Fifteen to Finish,” all clusters will need to amount to least 15 credits. Students may be required to add 1-2 additional guided courses after ACE registration. All additional guided courses have been pre-approved by major advisers and are listed below each cluster. Please allow 24-48 hours after your ACE registration to add any additional courses.

2) How to Finalize Pre-Registration

Failure to meet placement exam deadlines will result in a forfeit of your ACE registration.

To navigate through the site, select a learning community below,

then click on the major to view their clusters:


1. General Education        2. Art & Social Sciences        3. Business        4. Education

5. Culture & Language        6. Health & Life Science        7. Engineering , Computer Science, and Architecture

General Education Learning Communities:                       

Art & Social Sciences Learning Communities:      

Business Learning Communities:      

Education Learning Communities:     

Culture & Language Learning Communities:     

Health & Life Science Learning Communities:     

Engin., Comp. Sci., and Arch. Learning Communities: