Step 2: Fall 2019 Learning Communities


Here’s a couple things to keep in mind about our 2019 Learning Communities and registering through ACE:


1) 15 Credits for all Learning Communities

In alignment with UHM’s “Do It In Four Campaign,” all clusters will need to amount to least 15 credits. Students may be required to add 1-2 additional guided courses after ACE registration. All additional guided courses have been pre-approved by major advisers and are listed below each cluster. Please allow 24-48 hours after your ACE registration to add any additional courses.


2) How to Finalize Pre-Registration

Participation in the ACE/STAR Registration system does not constitute your final fall schedule. Your final schedule will be created in the beginning of August 5th based on your preferences, individual placement test results and completion of all holds. Please check your STAR Profile and email account for any important notices and reminders.  Failure to meet placement exam and health clearance deadlines will result in a forfeit of your ACE registration.

To navigate through the site, select a learning community below,

then click on the major to view their clusters:

1. General Education         2. Student-Athlete        3. Art & Social Sciences         4. Business

5. Education         6. Culture & Language         7. Health & Life Science         8. Engineering & Computer Science

General Education Learning Communities:Student Athlete Learning Communities:    

Art & Social Sciences Learning Communities:      

Business Learning Communities:      

Education Learning Communities:     

Culture & Language Learning Communities:     

Health & Life Science Learning Communities:     

Engineering & Computer Science Learning Communities: