Peer Educator Program

Financial Literacy Peer Educator Program

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Welcome to the Financial Literacy Peer Educator Program

Our Peer Educators are trained to provide accurate and reliable financial information to their peers in order to encourage students to take responsibility for developing and maintaining a financially stable lifestyle. Some of the responsibilities of our Peer Educators are to conduct workshops, provide one on one financial coaching, plan and host special campus wide events as well as develop an on campus network all to promote financial literacy.

While the Peer Educators main target audience is their peers they also outreach to all University of Hawaii at Manoa students, faculty, staff, and our at-large community members.You will frequently find our Peer Educators on high school campuses as well as working with professionals in the financial industry.

Surprisingly, many of our Peer Educators are not business majors but come from a variety of majors such as Family Resources, Psychology, Biology, Communications, Economics and even Theater.

Our Peer Educators generally commit 10-12 hours per week to Program related activities/responsibilities and in return improve their own money management skills as well as a stipend.

If you would like more information on becoming a Peer Educator please go to the STAR Scholarship page and search “Financial Literacy”.

We hope that you take the opportunity to attend one or all of our presentation workshops or even schedule us to give a presentation workshop for your class or group.

Questions or comments? Contact us.