Financial Literacy Peer Educator Program

Our Financial Literacy Peer Educators come from a variety of majors, interests and backgrounds yet, they all share a passion to work directly with their peers to help them understand important concepts of financial wellness, provide them with practical resources and educational opportunities to aid in making informed, healthy financial decisions during their college career and beyond to obtain the rewarding life desired.

While you will see the Financial Literacy Peer Coaches all around campus (and our State) encouraging our community to improve their financial wellness with fun interactive and hands on activities you can really see them shine in their presentation workshops. Core presentation workshop topics  such as budgeting, credit management, financing your education, financing a graduate degree and the negotiating the benefits of your first job are offered throughout the year. We hope that you take the opportunity to attend one or all of our presentation workshops. Even better schedule us to give a presentation workshop for your class or group. To request a presentation workshop contact us.