Who is eligible for our services? 

Our services are free and unlimited for current UH Mānoa students.


How can I use FLP services? 

The Financial Literacy Program offers workshops, one-to-one counseling, and holds resource fairs and tables throughout the year.
For a schedule of our workshops, see our workshop page.


What is the Financial Literacy Program’s confidentiality policy? 

The University of Hawaii at Mānoa Financial Literacy Program is committed to protecting students’ right to confidentiality. Specifically, our one-to-one financial consultations maintain strict codes of confidentiality regarding any personal financial information shared. No individual personal information given to FLP staff will be shared with any faculty, staff, or student in the UHM community unless staff is given express permission from the client. Our program staff encourages students to grow more comfortable discussing and addressing their financial needs and concerns; our program’s confidentiality endeavors to uphold safety, security, and respect for all students.


Will the Financial Literacy Program help me throughout my entire college career? 

The FLP is committed to working with students from the beginning of their college career until their graduation. We hold various workshops and programming that address diverse aspects of financial health for students. The fiscal concerns of all UHM students are important to the FLP and our mission to address financial literacy on campus.


What if I am in a relationship? Can you meet with significant other? 

We encourage students sharing financial responsibilities with any individual in their lives to bring their partners, spouses, roommates, or any relevant individual to our consultation services. In order to avoid the negative impacts of financial burdens to interpersonal relationships, the FLP promotes practical and proactive communication between individuals in which financial concerns are shared.


Can you give me investment advice? 

The Financial Literacy Program does not give investment advice to students. Our presentations and counseling sessions aim to address money management skills and financial education, not specific financial planning. All of our material is general in nature and can be used for students to better educate themselves about personal financial decisions, including investment or retirement planning, but we do not offer specific individual advice to any student.


When is the Financial Literacy Program available to help me? 

We are located in the Office of Civic and Community Engagement in QLC 209. The office is open between 8:30am-4:30pm Monday through Friday. FLP staff and peer educators will schedule one-to-one counseling in person, over phone, or via email; our walk-in availability varies on staff schedules semester-to-semester.

You can contact us at (808) 956-6572 or email finlit@hawaii.edu to schedule an appointment.