Exploratory Major Paths

Effective for the Spring 2016 semester, majors within the Manoa Advising Center were changed to Exploratory.  This change will not affect your enrollment or status at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  The following chart lists to which category your current designation will be updated.

Old Major DesignationsNew Designations (Effective Spring 2016)
General Arts & Sciences (GEAS)Exploratory
Pre-BusinessExploratory Business and Industry
Pre-MedicineExploratory Health Sciences
Pre-PharmacyExploratory Health Sciences
Pre-Dental HygieneExploratory Health Sciences
Pre-Speech Pathology/AudiologyExploratory Health Sciences

In addition to the new designations listed above, the following categories are also available:

  • Exploratory Arts & Humanities
  • Exploratory Social Sciences
  • Exploratory STEM

Further information regarding the Exploratory Designations will be coming soon.  Please feel free to visit the Exploratory Program website.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact the Exploratory Program at expl@hawaii.edu.

Major Change

If you would like to change your major to one of the Exploratory designations, please complete the Exploratory Major Change form and submit the signed document to the Mānoa Advising Center.