Major Exploration Course

Exploratory and Undecided students have a unique opportunity in their second year to take an academic course on major exploration, taught by an academic advisor in the Exploratory program.  IS 197 (Academic Exploration through Advising) is a 3-credit, Writing Intensive course designed to give students the opportunity to explore their skills, values, abilities, interests, and goals in a structured format.  The small class size (20 student maximum), highly interactive and discussion-based format keeps the course engaging and exciting throughout the semester.

There is an additional benefit for students taking IS 197: the course fulfills the Mandatory Advising requirement for the Manoa Advising Center for 2 semesters.  That is, during the semester you are enrolled in the course and the semester after (if you satisfactorily pass the course), you will have already completed your Mandatory Advising option.

The course is restricted to Exploratory and Undeclared students and requires instructor approval to register, so feel free to contact the instructor for additional information.

Instructor: Matt Eng



Selected comments from previous students:
I’m so glad that this class appeared in my life. The timing, the instructor/instructing style, and my fellow classmates made it a great experience. I highly recommend this class to all college students no matter what the situation.

I really enjoy this class because I am at a part in my life where I have to be able to put who I am on top of paper. Realizing who I am and what Ii enjoy to do has really gained my focus on what my future will be. I really enjoyed the class discussion because it simulated a perfect area where we will encounter people with different ideas. This will definitely help me when I come across people with different values. Not only that, I really like that Matt is very approachable and he seems to put care and thought when it comes to individual growth.