Incoming Students

Welcome to the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa! The Exploratory Program is designed for students who are still narrowing down their options for a major to pursue. Please click through the following sections for additional resources and steps to guide you through the transition to UH Mānoa.

Online Orientation

We do have an online orientation workshop that incoming students are welcome to participate in, to help orient you to UH Mānoa.

Below are the six different exploratory paths we offer. If you click on a link, you will be able to get more information as well as see the different majors that are related to the path.

The following majors are not included in the Exploratory Paths due to the following reasons: they are newly approved majors; highly competitive majors; majors that involve sequencing; majors that require a high number of specific courses; or cohorted majors.

  • Architecture
  • Elementary Education
  • Secondary Education

If you are considering a specialty program, it is highly recommended that you start on your courses as soon as possible. It is often easier to switch from a specialty program (which may require specific courses, a higher GPA, or specific deadlines) into another major, but not vice versa.

For additional information on these these majors, please visit the “Specialty Programs” page.

To help you choose an exploratory path, follow the link to the Holland Interest page. This exercise is based on Dr. John Holland’s theory that people and work environments can be classified into six general groups: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. Each of these groups shows potential interests as a: Do-er, Thinker, Creator, Helper, Persuader, and Organizer.

Hover over the images below for information on each of these six exploratory paths. Click on the images for more details about each interest category.

To Help you narrow down your options of choosing a designation, we have created a tool to give you a better sense into which exploratory path you might fit into.

Read the questions and select all the answers that apply to you. This test was created to guide students and give them a sense of direction for choosing a possible exploratory path.

1.I’m interested in:

2.In class, I prefer to deal with:

3.High School subjects I enjoyed:

Registering with Clusters:
Exploratory clusters are preselected sets of courses that allow you to explore majors via introductory courses for majors in your area of interest. Clusters are also designed to fulfill UH Manoa general education requirements. Click on the following link to explore the courses included in each of the 9 Exploratory Clusters at UH Manoa.

  • Exploratory Clusters
  • Please note that some courses may require placement exams. Your final schedule will depend on placement exam results and completion of any/all holds on your account.

Once you’ve decided on an area of interest you would like to pursue, Click on the following link to register:

You can change exploratory paths in which you’re registering for by selecting the “other major” link on the registration page above.

*Fall registration for freshmen is open!