Areas of Interest

Hover your mouse over each of the images below and a description of each interest area will reveal itself. Click on each of the pictures to view majors associated with the different interest areas. Be sure to use the “Incoming Students Registration” menu on the right side to see where you are as you navigate through this website. Some majors are not included in our areas of interest. To learn more about these majors, see the “Excluded Majors” page.

Students have an exciting opportunity, starting in 2014. If they are not yet ready to declare their majors, they can sign up for course clusters in interest areas that will allow them to explore a grouping of similar majors. Course clusters have been specially designed to fulfill General Education and potential introductory major courses.

Hover over the images below for information on each of these 6 interest areas. Click on the images for more details about each interest category.

01 Business small 02 Creative Arts small 03 Exploratory small 04 Social Science small 05 Multidisciplinary small 05 Exploratory small