Past Award Winners for Outstanding Academic Advising

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Pakela Award
Garrett Clanin is a Junior Specialist Academic Advisor with Student-Athlete Academic Services (SAAS). He is the primary liaison for GradesFirst, a web-based system designed to increase student engagement, improve communication, and identify “at-risk” students for early intervention. In this role, Garrett ensures that the system operates effectively for SAAS. He also works with other advising units (five currently) to determine whether GradesFirst will serve their students’ needs as well. Garrett is also SAAS’s Eligibility Coordinator and is the liaison with the Compliance Department in Athletics and advising units across campus regarding NCAA academic eligibility and certification. His work in this capacity helps to ensure that our student athletes meet both UHM and NCAA requirements so that they can be successful in both arenas. Garrett also plays a lead role in the annual orientation for new student athletes and has worked hard at developing the program to make it more engaging for students. As a fellow advisor summed it up, “Garrett has an excellent rapport with his students and other advisors. He goes out of his way to help others. He is an invaluable resource for students and colleagues alike!”
'Oikela Award
Advising Center for the Colleges of Arts & Humanities and Languages, Linguistics, & Literature was formed in 2015 as part of the reorganization of the Colleges of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Student Academic Services. Before, during and after this transition, the Advising Center provided advising services to its students and other Arts & Sciences majors (particularly in the physical sciences) without interruption. The creation of “Tiered Access to Advising” and the coordinated efforts of the new eight-person office – Director Ruth O. Bingham; academic advisors Kay S. Hamada, Nanette C. Miles, Craig Mitchell, and Julie Terlaje; IT support David Yeo; Operations Manager Heather Young; and Secretary Carolina Asiatico – have improved students’ access to advising and alleviated long wait lines. In addition, the Advising Center team worked collaboratively to created new advising programs in an effort to provide students with more academic advising opportunities to help them stay focused and on track. In these and many other ways, the Advising Center has developed and implemented new and innovative methods to improve their services and provide students with the support they need to be successful.
Pakela Award
2016-lauGerald Lau, serves as a stellar model for integrating academic advising into the University’s educational mission. He is an Assistant Faculty Specialist for the rapidly growing Department of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS). He provides major academic and career counseling for over 400 students, participates in curriculum and department policy meetings that help integrate instruction with advising, and plans and develops the department’s outreach and student engagement programs. He serves as a Faculty Ambassador – recruiting students into the ICS program and into STEM fields, and serves as the department’s liaison to the Graduate Division. He is also deeply involved in a variety of cyber security activities to engage students, including being the advisor to the Grey Hats club, whose members analyze cyber defenses.
'Oikela Award
Shidler College of Business Office of Student Academic Services
Shidler College of Business Director of Undergraduate Programs Robert Bachini leads his Office of Student Academic Services (OSAS) team, whose members include Academic Advisor Rikki Mitsunaga, Freshmen Advisor Irene Burns, Office Assistant Sherri Yanagi, former Senior Admissions Advisor Reid Kuioka, and a Mānoa Peer Advisor. The office helps undergraduate business students succeed by integrating curricular and co-curricular experiences into leadership, service and business-related activities, including international fairs, global awareness workshops, Business Night, internships, and a large career expo held each semester. Shidler’s OSAS developed a Direct Admit Program that has improved retention over three years from 79 percent to 88 percent. It also launched mentoring and monthly events for its Pre-Business Residential Life Program and created Shidler Success Seminars to introduce freshmen to the college.
Pakela Award
Two individuals were recognized with 2015 Pakela Award
Lynn KomatsuLynn Koyamatsu is a Student Services Specialist and Academic Advisor with Outreach College. She is consistently collaborative and willing to go the extra mile to help students, faculty, and other advisors. She is an asset to any committee she is affiliated with, always thoughtful, thorough and solution focused. The Council of Academic Advisors has come to rely on her steady, positive presence. Although she may be the last person to view herself as a "leader", she is a "can do" person and represents an old school sensibility of reliability and commitment that is hard to come by.
Image Coming SoonRayna Tagalicod is a Junior Specialist/Academic Advisor with the Mānoa Advising Center. She makes significant contributions to the institution and the region. She is the Chair of the Mānoa Sophomore Experience Committee, which focuses on the retention of first-year students. She has also made ROTC student advising transition to schools and colleges seamless by holding training sessions and sending updates and new information. She recently co-chaired the 2015 National Academic Advising Association Region 9 Conference. The faculty advisor has also presented at state, national, and international annual conferences throughout the nation.
Pakela Award
Kate Normandin Kathleen Normandin, a Junior Specialist/Academic Advisor with the College of Arts and Sciences Student Academic Services (CASSAS). Her passion is working in academic affairs, and collaborating with students, faculty and staff to create empowering and holistic undergraduate student experiences. She has been instrumental in co-creating SOAR (Students Owning Academic Responsibility) for academically at-risk CASSAS students, and has assisted with designing the new Student Success Center for the College of Natural Sciences. She has worked tirelessly to illuminate awareness of the growing student veteran population on campus with its members’ unique set of experiences and needs. As the faculty advisor for the UHM Student Veteran Organization, she developed a Center for Teaching Excellence lecture series that was titled, “Serving Those Who Serve: Best Practices in Working with Student Veterans.”
'Oikela Award
Image Coming SoonThe Biology Department: Stephanie Kraft-Terry (Junior Specialist) and Joseph Menor Jr. (Academic Support), along with their team of Mānoa Peer Advisors, have made great strides to increase access to advising and foster engagement among the Department of Biology’s 1,300 students. Through the use of technology, this innovative advising unit created a convenient online appointment system, with improved information dissemination through the use of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Prior to arrival on campus, newly admitted students receive personalized phone calls from these proactive advisors, with an invitation to join an information webinar or to schedule a one-on-one advising appointment. In addition to providing mandatory advising and valuable workshops to ensure student success, this exemplary advising unit supports the College's social events, such as an Incoming Student Reception, Graduation Reception and Alumni Gathering. These activities cultivate a closer connection among the Department of Biology’s students, staff, faculty and alumni.
Two individuals were recognized with 2013 Pakela Award
Image Coming SoonRikki Mitsunaga, Undergraduate Academic Advisor for Shidler College of Business, has accomplished impressive achievements that demonstrate breadth of service within and beyond the UHM campus and depth of service in her dedication to her students. In addition to her regular duties as an academic advisor, she plays multiple roles for various organizations at UH Manoa. The Freeman Scholarship Award, FISH Scholarship Program, System-wide STAR Board for CAA, and MPA supervisor are just a few things with which Rikki is involved.
Image Coming SoonKiana Shiroma, Academic Advisor for the Honors and Regents and Presidential Scholars (RAPS) Program, has been a source of inspiration for her fellow advisors, due to her limitless energy, creativity, and enthusiasm. In just a few short years as an academic advisor, she has helped the Honor’s program expand and improve its services and the opportunities offered to students. In addition to her countless improvements and innovative ways to help develop each program with which she is involved, Kiana continues to inspire her colleagues with her energy, hard work, and dedication to academic advising.
Pakela Award
Ruth BinghamRuth Bingham was presented with the 2012 Outstanding Academic Advisor Award for her leadership and work at the Pre-Health/Pre-Law Advising Center (PAC). Ruth was also recognized at the national level for her work with PAC as the recipient of the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Commissions and Interest Group Service Award. The award "recognizes an individual who has provided outstanding service, leadership, and commitment to a specific commission, interest group, cluster, or the CIG Division."
'Oikela Award
Image Coming SoonThe Colleges of Arts & Sciences Student Academic Services received the Academic Advising Unit Award for Excellence/Innovation for their leadership and innovation in working with students.
Pakela Award
Image Coming SoonMegumi Makino-Kanehiro was given the Outstanding Academic Advisor Award for her work at the Manoa Advising Center. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Reed Dasenbrock commended Dr. Makino-Kanehiro for her leadership of the Manoa Advising Center and her work with the peer mentoring program and mandatory advising, which have been "major influences on student success."
'Oikela Award
Image Coming SoonThe College of Education's Office of Student Academic Services (OSAS) received the Academic Advising Unit Award for Excellence/Innovation for their leadership and innovation in working with students. OSAS was recognized for integrating alternate modes of advising delivery like Skype, Facebook, and E-lluminate to make advising accessible to students who are not able to come in during normal business hours. Read more about this award on the UH System news site.