2016 NACADA Region 9 Conference

Date: March 14-16, 2016

The 39th Annual Conference on Academic Advising, “Surfing the waves of change: Advising for a new generation” will be held in Los Angeles, CA from March 14-16, 2016. Hosted by Brandman University at the University of Southern California campus. Please visit the NACADA website for more information.

Chancellor’s Advising Exchange (CAE)

  • May 10, 2011
  • Committee Members: Krystyna Aune, Ruth Bingham, Pattie Dunn, Cathy Iwashita, Lisa Kitagawa-Akagi, Lynn Koyamatsu, June Lee, Mike Maglaya, Denise Nakaoka, Kiana Shiroma, Jan Taniguchi, Merrissa Uchimura, Ryan Yamaguchi

NACADA webinar series, Fall 2009-Spring 2010

  • The Role of Academic Advising in Student Persistence by Susan Campbell, University of Southern Maine and Charlie Nutt, NACADA Executive Director; September 17, 2009
  • Advising Undecided/Undeclared Students for Success by Kathleen Smith, Florida State University and David Spight, University of Texas-Austin; November 18, 2009
  • Using the CAS Standards, NACADA Core Values, and NACADA Concept of Academic Advising to Assess your Advising Program by Eric White, Penn State University and Charlie Nutt, NACADA Executive Director; December 15, 2009
  • Advising Students on Academic Probation by Moderator: Marsha Miller, NACADA Assistant Director of Resources and Services; February 4, 2010
  • Effective Academic Advising Strategies by Moderator: Jayne Drake, NACADA President; March 3, 2010
  • Breaking Bad News: Delivery Techniques that Help Students Make Good Alternative Choices by José Rodríguez, Florida International University; Susan Kolls, Northeastern University and Nicole Kent, Oregon State University; April 8, 2010
  • The Role of Faculty Advisors in Student Success by Kathy Stockwell, Fox Valley Technical College and Maura Reynolds, Hope College; May 13, 2010