Physical Training

Physical training (PT) is conducted Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Cadets are required to atteDCIM100GOPROnd at least two sessions a week. PT activities vary between cardio, calisthenics, or sports. The first PT session for every semester will be the first Friday of the term (after LLAB 1).

These sessions are held at University of Hawaii recreation facilities. The Cadet Wing Fitness and Nutrition Flight Commander their staff are responsible for planning and executing the workouts. Det 175 doesn’t mess around when it comes to working out. Our PT will prepare you for the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) all cadets must pass each semester and more importantly reach your own physical fitness goals. Many of our workouts are built around competitive team building.

The Air Force wants a culture of fitness and requires cadets to keep their bodies in shape. Twice a year cadets take a PFA (Physical Fitness Assessment). The PFA consists of 1 minute sit-ups, 1 minute push-ups and a 1.5 mile run. The test is administered in one session and there will be a short break between each activity. There are different standards for each gender and age group. Your score is composed of your performance in those three activities and your waist measurement .DSCN0013

To prepare you for the PFA and military duty you must attend 2 PT (Physical Training) sessions each week. One of those sessions must be Wing Mandatory PT. Other PT sessions are offered throughout the week.