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College of Social Sciences

Advising OfficeACCESS (Advising, Civic, and Community Engagement in the Social Sciences)
LocationDean Hall 2
Phone(808) 956-0661
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Office HoursMonday through Friday (closed weekends and state holidays)
8:30 am to 4 pm

How advising works:

Students in the College of Social Sciences will have an ACCESS advisor and a Department Undergraduate Major Advisor.
ACCESS (Advising, Civic, and Community Engagement in the Social Sciences) advisors help students understand and comply with University and College policies and procedures.  In addition, ACCESS advisors will assist students with general academic planning, obtaining internships and civic engagement opportunities to fulfill and broaden their academic goals. Your academic journey with ACCESS will open new paths to broaden horizons.
Each major department has an assigned Undergraduate Major Advisor to assist students with selecting appropriate major degree courses and inform them of career opportunities.  Please view the College of Social Sciences Academic Advisors page for the current advisor in your major department.

Mandatory Advising: 

List of Majors in Social Sciences

Anthropology (BA)
Communication (BA)
Communicology (BA)
Economics (BA)
Ethnic Studies (BA)
Geography and Environment (BA)
Journalism (BA)
Political Science (BA)
Psychology (BA)
Psychology (BS)
Sociology (BA)
Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies (BA)