Tutoring By Appt. (TBA)

TBA is offered 1/21/20-5/1/20

LAC tutoring services are now online. Tutoring sessions are held using online video meetings, and our tutors will do their best to serve you in these circumstances.

After booking an appointment, please check your email as we will provide you with an online meeting link. A reminder will be sent to ensure you and your tutor both have the correct meeting link for your tutoring session.


  • ICS 111, 141, 211, 241
  • NREM 203
  • MATH 100, 134, 140, 203, 215, 241, 242, 243, 244


  • BIOL 101, 171, 172, 265 275, 305, 375, 402
  • CHEM 100, 131, 161, 162, 272, 273
  • FSHN 185
  • MICR 130
  • PHYL 141, 142, 301
  • PHYS 151, 152, 170, 272


  • BUS 310
  • ECON 321


  • ACC 200
  • ECON 130, 131


  • French
  • German

* Can't find a subject you need? Contact us!

By Appointment

WHERE: Sinclair Library
WHEN: Click the Book Now button below to view the full schedule
HOW: One-on-One, or bring friends (pls specify when you make an appt.)
Free sessions

Tutoring by Appt Flyer

Want to print this flyer to post in your office? Click to download .pdf version! Updated 7/26/18


  1. Click the orange Book Now button
  2. Register for the appointment system if you haven't already
  3. Choose your subject, tutor, date, & time (see below for details)
  4. Work with your tutor in an individualized session!

Don’t Forget to Bring:

  1. Assigned work
  2. In-Progress work
  3. Textbook, notes, etc.
  4. Your thinking caps!

"Excellent tutoring session. Have many questions on larger concepts, which were easily broken down into smaller comprehensible blocks of knowledge." 

"Patient and knowledgeable tutor!"

How to Book an Appointment

Book an appointment with Learning Assistance CenterPowered by Appointment-Plus
  1. Click the Book Now button above!
  2. Select subject from drop down menu. If needed, select One Hour Session.
  3. Select tutor or No Preference.
  4. Select available day on the calendar.
  5. Select an available time.
  6. Log in as new or returning user. If new user, fill out required fields. Add a note for your tutor.
  7. Click Finalize Appointment.

How to Cancel an Appointment

  1. Click the Book Now button or click here.
  2. Login to your account in upper right hand corner.
  3. Click Cancel to the right of your appointment.
  4. Explain your reasoning for cancelling the appointment.
  5. Click Cancel Appointment.
  6. Logout


  • Meet your tutor at the designated link provided in your reminder email.
  • 1 hour, per subject, per week appointment limit
  • < 24 hr cancellation = no show
  • 2 no shows = Learning Strategies Appointment

How do I make an appt

Click to download a .png version to share with friends or your students! Updated 7/26/18.