LearnAbility Sessions

Get ahead with LearnAbility sessions! 

The college learning environment often means studying with different approaches to fit a particular course as well as your learning style. The more you understand which study strategies work best for you, the more likely you will achieve at desired levels.

Earning the grade you want includes understanding how you learn, reading with comprehension and retentiontaking functional lecture notesusing time effectively, and taking tests well. Select the LearnAbility session that fits your needs in learning how to learn in the college setting.

Adjusting to American Academia workshops are LearnAbility sessons specially geared for international students. These workshops focus on developing skills useful in the American university. All students are welcome!

All LearnAbility Sessions are held in the Student Success Center in Sinclair Library.

To schedule a LearnAbility session for your class or for more information, email us at learning@hawaii.edu

Boost Your GPA (Fulfills Advising Requirment)

Trying to raise your GPA with little success? Consider attending this workshop. You will learn about essential elements of a study approach that can raise your grades, and academic policies in relation to your GPA.

Testing Awareness (Fulfills Advising Requirment)

Studying the wrong stuff? Consider coming to this workshop. Through exercises and discussion on the grading requirements, you’ll learn how to focus your studying time.

Essential study strategies

Are you studying a lot and still not getting the grade you want? Learn a basic study approach that goes a long way if practiced consistently enough to stimulate your interest.

To schedule a tutoring appointment, choose “Learning Strategies” from the list oftutoring subjects.

Reading in College 

Are you reading and finding that you can’t understand or remember the material? Learn to increase your understanding and retention of required reading in college.

Why Take Notes?

Taking good notes is very useful in the learning process. Learn to take notes that work for you.

Using Time Effectively

Are you running out of time too often? Learn to plan, organize and use your time without bothersome procrastination.

Meeting the Test-Taking Challenge

Are you taking tests hoping that luck will be on your side? Learn to approach the test-taking situation with a confidence based on sufficient preparation and an understanding of the content that will facilitate critical thinking and support problem solving.

Adjusting to American Academia Workshops
To schedule a tutoring appointment, choose “American Academic Skills” from the list of tutoring subjects.

Oral Presentation Skills 
These workshops help students develop and make effective presentations, including information from understanding your audience to speaking clearly.

Interpersonal Academic Skills
This workshop provides information on knowing your advisor, emailing your professors, taking advantage of your professors’ office hours, seeking assistance from university services, and much more!