Name of student Degree Program Research Adviser Research Areas
Abanda, Ngu Njei Ph.D. Abby Collier/Diane Taylor Metabolism of antimalarial drugs
Chew, Glen M. M.S. Lishomwa C. Ndhlovu Immune Dysfunction, Immunosenescence, and Inflammation in HIV infection
Chuang, Eleanore J. Ph.D. Bruce Shiramizu HIV pathogenesis
Clements, Danielle M.S. George Hui Malaria vaccine development
Gurary, Alexandra Ph.D. Allison Imrie Cell-mediated immunity to dengue virus
Kanenaka, Rebecca M.S. John Berestecky Campylobacter pathogensis
Kenji, Obadia Mfuh M.S. Vivek Nerurkar/Diane Taylor Dengue & Malaria Co-infections
Lai, Chih-Yun Ph.D. Wei-Kung Wang Antibody responses to dengue virus
Lazaga, Nelson Ph.D. Vivek Nerurkar JCV & HIV pathogenesis
Lloyd, Yukie Michelle M.S. Wei-Kung Wang dengue virus-like particle vaccine
Mitchell, Brooks M.S. Cecilia Shikuma
Lishomwa Ndhlovu
HIV pathogenesis
Nelson, Jacob T. Ph.D. Saguna Verma West Nile virus epigenetics
Ngati, Elise M.S. To be assigned To be assigned
Posner, Jourdan M.S. Sandra Chang Malaria vaccine immunology
Roe, Kelsey Ph.D. Saguna Verma Innate immunity to West Nile Virus
Saltzman, Marisa M.S. Apichai Tuanyok Burkholderia pseudomallei & melioidosis
Seabourn, Priscilla M.S. To be assigned To be determined
Steel, Argon Ph.D. Shannon N. Bennett Evolution of dengue virus in the Pacific
Tassi Yunga, Samuel Ph.D. George Hui/Diane Taylor Malaria immunity in neonates
Tsai, Wen-Yang Ph.D. Wei-Kung Wang Dengue vaccine development
Vanda Koko M.S. To be assigned To be assigned