Graduate Certificate (GCERT) Students

Name of Student
(Academic Year)
Research AdvisorResearch Topic
Agbayani, Tyler (2020-21)In progress
Awamura, Thomas (2018-19)Pakieli Kaufusi, PhDEngineered Exosomes: A Novel Zika Virus Vaccine Candidate
Banda, Anthony (2019-20)Craig Nakatsuka, MDTetanus Vaccination
Chun, Shaw (2018-19)Eleanore Chuang, PhDCurrent Flu Season Trends in Influenza-like Illnesses and Vaccination Effectiveness
Fernandez, Michael Diane Taylor, PhDMagnetic Nanoparticles PCR Enzyme-Linked Gene Assay for the Detection of Submicroscopic Plasmodium falciparum Infections
Freitas, Vanessa (2017-18)
Garcia, Blane (2016-17)
Huynh, Diana (2019-20)Dee-Ann Carpenter, MD & Kenton Kramer, PhDThe Relationship between Human African Trypanosomiasis and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Kam, Catherine (2020-21)In progress
Kea, Ana-Melissa (2020)William Gosnell, PhDIn progress
Lee, Awapuhi (2018-19)Kalpana Kallianpur, PhDDepressive Symptoms in HIV+ Individuals are Associated with Inflammatory Biomarkers and Smoking
Lee, Cody (2017-18)Bruce Shiramizu, MDHIV DNA Copies in PBMCs Pre- and Post-Maraviroc Treatment: Effects on cognitive impairment
McAllister, Cali (2018-19)William Gosnell, PhDNeuroangiostrongyliasis and why early diagnosis and treatment is important
Muronaga, Preston (2018-19)Vivek Nerurkar, PhD Extraction of HTLV viral DNA from Blood on Filter Paper
Muronaga, Quinton (2018-19)Lishomwa Ndhlovu, MD, PhDQualitative Serial Cellular Immunophenotyping of Freshly Obtained Cells during an HIV Clinical Trial
Negrillo, Landon (2020-21)In progress
Nicholas, Chelsea (2020-21)Angela Sy, PhD
Sandra Chang, PhD
A Health Belief Model Assessment of COVID-19 Vaccine Attitudes in Hawaii
Nichols, Chelsea (2017-18)Kenton Kramer, PhDUtilizing Mini Case Studies to Enhance USMLE Microbiology and Immunology Concepts
Odo, Troy (2020-21)In progress
Rios, Bryan (2020-21)In progress
Rivera, Elise (2017-18)Bruce Shiramizu, MDPeripheral blood mononuclear cell transmigration across an in vitro blood-brain barrier bilayer model
Saiki, Katelyn (2018-19)Ivo SahBandar, PhDUtilizing Genomic Sequencing to Map HIV Networking Among HIV-Infected Individuals in Hawaii
Salomon, Renn Silve (2020-21)In progress
Sarishvili, Mziya (2018-19)Lishomwa Ndhlovu, MD, PhDAnalyzing HIV Tropism in Children with Mother-to-Child Transmission in Myanmar
Settle, Alexander (2017-18)Paul Moroz, MDChronic osteomyelitis in the Pacific: New World solutions to an Old World problem
Sheu, Justine (2017-18)William Gosnnell, PhD
Sinn, Taylor (2017-18)Pakiele Kaufusi, PhDAntigen-loaded microvesicles: A potential strategy to develop flavivirus vaccine
Stack, Emily (2019-20)Paul Moroz, MDThe Burden of Chronic Osteomyelitis in Children of the Pacific Rim
Tashiro, Taylor (2018-19)Axel Lehrer, PhDComparison of Antibody Responses in Mice Generated by Three Different Lots of Recombinant Ebola Virus Glycoprotein
Thomas, Bradley (2017-18)Diane Taylor, PhDIs the WHO recommendation for malaria prevention in pregnant women effective?
Yuen, Ashley (2019-20)Pakieli Kaufusi, PhDMolecular Cloning of NS3 and NS5 Genes into NanoBiT Vectors with DENV Type 2 New Guinea Strain
Zorilla, Rodson (2020-21)In progress