Francine Felisberto Azouz


Personal Statement:

Since my childhood, I have always known I wanted to be a scientist to discover something that would help others. In order fulfill my dream, during the first week at University for my B.S. in Biological Sciences, I knocked on every single research lab door, asking if they needed a volunteer. This led me to work for the Laboratory of Experimental Pathophysiology, where I did undergraduate research and had the opportunity to conduct experiments for countless projects. That was also where I developed my passion for human related diseases.

Being from Brazil, a country greatly affected by tropical diseases, I believe this graduate program is perfect for me. I also started working at JABSOM as a volunteer for Dr. Mukesh Kumar, assisting arbovirus-related research, including virus preparation, cell culture, molecular and biochemical essays. In addition to in-vivo mouse work. Shortly after that, Dr. Kumar received a grant from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke/National Institute of Health and offered to serve as my academic advisor. I got accepted into the master’s program (Spring 2017) and we have been working towards the development of novel therapeutic interventions for the clinical management of mosquito-borne viruses like Zika Virus, West Nile Virus and Japanese Encephalitis Virus.


University of Southern Santa Catarina, Brazil, 2013, B.S. – Biological Sciences

University of Hawai’i at Manoa, January 2017 to present, M.S. Candidate – Tropical Medicine

Interests and Hobbies:

I have a passion for helping others. I volunteered at a public day care for low income families in Brazil, I serve at church and help friends with their non-profit that helps homeless people in our community. In addition to that, I would love to use the knowledge obtained from this program to serve both locally and internationally, raising awareness about tropical diseases and doing outreaches in general. 

As most of Hawaii residents, my favorite thing to do during my time off is to go to the beach, go on hikes and explore the island in general.


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Manuscripts Submitted/In Preparation:

  1. Krause K, Azouz F, Nerurkar VR, Kumar M. A Review of Animal Models to Study Zika Virus Infection (In Preparation).

Poster Presentations:

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