PhD in Tropical Medicine

Tropical Medicine PhD Graduate Anna Babakanyan working with researchers in Cameroon.

Tropical Medicine PhD Graduate Anna Babakanyan, PhD Student Kenji Mfuh, and Cameroonian researcher Mme. Sama in Cameroon.

The Tropical Medicine PhD Degree Program provides students with intensive training in infectious disease microbiology and immunology, research methodologies, and teaching  in the field of Tropical Medicine. Emphasis is placed on the development and practice of skills in written and verbal communication including proficiency in professional scientific presentations, manuscript preparation, and grant application development. Graduates with a PhD degree have pursued professional research, teaching, and administrative careers at various academic institutions, state and federal government agencies, international health agencies, and biotechnology companies.

PhD Requirements

The PhD program requires coursework as determined necessary by the graduate program and the student’s advisory committee, a written and oral qualifying examination, a comprehensive examination, a written research proposal, dissertation, and final oral examination/defense of dissertation. Students are encouraged to take course work covering a broad array of the disciplines involved in the field of Tropical Medicine, including coursework offered by other academic departments as relevant to their area of concentration.

For more details, see PhD Admissions &  PhD curriculum.