Image of TCP 31(1) cover shows a photo of a Pacific Islander male in traditional dress, facing the ocean in Wellington, New Zealand as he speaks and balls his fists
An image of the cover of TCP 31-2 shows a photo of the head of a large pig being lifted out of boiling water by a pair of hands, each holding a fork in one side of the pig's head

Spring 31(1)


Indigenous Well-Being and Development: Connections to Large-Scale Mining and Tourism in the Pacific
Emma Richardson, Emma Hughes, Sharon McLennan, and Litea Meo-Sewabu

Indigenous Masculinities and the “Refined Politics” of Alcohol and Racialization in West Papua
Jenny Munro

Tannese Chiefs, State Structures, and Global Connections in Vanuatu
Marc Tabani

Epidemic Suicide in the Context of Modernizing Social Change in Oceania: A Critical Review and Assessment
Edward D Lowe


Creating an Archive for Rotuma: A Personal Account
Alan Howard

Political Reviews

Micronesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018
Michael Bevacqua, Isa Ua Ceallaigh Bowman, Zaldy Dandan, Monica C LaBriola, Tiara R Na'puti

Polynesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018
Peter Clegg, Lorenz Gonschor, Margaret Mutu, Christina Newport, Salote Talagi, Forrest Wade Young

Book and Media Reviews

Project Banaba [exhibition]
Reviewed by Mitiana Arbon

Holo Moana: Generations of Voyaging [exhibition]
Reviewed by Kelema Lee Moses

Anote’s Ark [documentary]
Reviewed by David Lipset

Out of State [documentary]
Reviewed by David Lipset

Island Soldier [documentary]
Reviewed by Emelihter Kihleng, Clement Yow Mulalap, Jacki Leota-Mua, and Vicente M Diaz

Index To Volumes 21–30 


Featured Artist: Kalisolaite ‘Uhila

Image shows a photograph of TCP 31-1 featured artist Kalisolaite 'Uhila laying inside a shipping container, on a bed of straw, next to a small pig
Pigs in the Yard (2011), by Kalisolaite ‘Uhila

After living in a shipping container with a pig for a week, inhabiting the streets of Auckland for three months for a project about homelessness, performing on the roof of a gallery to bemused spectators in adjacent high-rise buildings and the street below, and since “cooking” himself in an umu, ‘Uhila has attracted a loyal following, received numerous awards, and been in demand for regional and international exhibitions and residencies in New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Japan, Tonga, and the Cook Islands. In 2016, he completed his master’s of performance and media arts at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) with first-class honors. He is represented by Michael Lett Gallery in New Zealand (http://michaellett.com) and in 2019 is a featured artist in the second Honolulu Biennial (https://www.honolulubiennial.org).

Fall 31(2)


“More than a Music, It’s a Movement”: West Papua Decolonization Songs, Social Media, and the Remixing of Resistance
Camellia Webb-Gannon and Michael Webb

Unsettling SpongeBob and the Legacies of Violence on Bikini Bottom
Holly M Barker

Elemental Eating: Samoan Public Health and Valuation in Health Promotion
Jessica Hardin and Christina Ting Kwauk

Employment of the Weak: The Role of a Multinational Factory in the Life Trajectory of Early School Leavers in Sāmoa
Masami Tsujita Levi

Rearticulating Diplomatic Relationships: Contextualizing Tuvalu-Taiwan Relations
Jess Marinaccio


Robert (Bob) C Kiste: Mentor and Friend of the Pacific
Brij V Lal

Political Reviews

The Region in Review: International Issues and Events, 2018
Nic Maclellan

Melanesia in Review: Issues and Events, 2018
Volker Boege, Mathias Chauchat, Joseph Daniel Foukona,
Budi Hernawan, Michael Leach, James Stiefvater 

Book and Media Reviews

I Hinanao-ta Nu I Manaotao Tåno’ I CHamoru Siha (The Journey of the CHamoru People) [exhibition]
Reviewed by Teresita L Perez

Decolonisation and the Pacific: Indigenous Globalisation and the Ends of Empire, by Tracey Banivanua Mar
Reviewed by Trish Tupou

Hope at Sea: Possible Ecologies in Oceanic Literature, by Teresa Shewry
Reviewed by Erin Cheslow

The Cultural Animation Film Festival
Reviewed by Elizabeth Bennett

Review of films by Jack Niedenthal
Reviewed by Tom Brislin 

Crossing Spaces [documentary film]
Reviewed by Myjolynne Marie Kim

Tikopia Collected: Raymond Firth and the Creation of Solomon Island Cultural Heritage, by Elizabeth Bonshek
Reviewed by David Lipset 

Textilia Linnaeana: Global 18th Century Textile Traditions & Trade, by Viveka Hansen
Reviewed by Alexander Mawyer

Ship of Fate: Memoir of a Vietnamese Repatriateby Trân Ðình Tru
Reviewed by Mary Therese Perez Hattori

Uncovering Indigenous Models of Leadership:
An Ethnographic Case Study of Samoa’s Talavou Clan, by Leiataua Robert Jon Peterson
Reviewed by Luafata Simanu-Klutz


Featured Artist: Natalie Robertson

An image by TCP 31-2 featured artist Natalie Robertson shows a photograph, in somewhat muted tones, of a dilapidated swimming pool in which steam is rising from the water. The pool is flanked by several green trees, as well as a shed with a rusty tin roof
Savages Hotpools, Onepu (2008), by Natalie Robertson

Natalie Robertson (Ngāti Porou, Clann
Dhònnchaidh) is an Aotearoa/New Zealand
photographer, video artist, and senior lec-
turer at Auckland University of Technology
whose work has been exhibited at the Musée
du Quai Branly (Paris), Museo Nacional
de las Culturas (Mexico City), Musée de la
Civilisation (Québec), and Cuba Casa de la
Cultura de Tulum (Havana), as well as in
Germany, China, Brazil, the United Kingdom,
the United States, New Caledonia, Australia,
and Aotearoa/New Zealand. Whether documenting the effects of modern agricultural practices on the natural environment, observing intimate rituals of care and communal responsibility, or tracing tribal pathways along rivers from aerial drone cameras, Robertson draws on both customary and contemporary ways of seeing and histories of storytelling that connect people to places and to one another.