Spring 2(1)


Brij V. Lal

A Coup by Another Name? The Politics of Legality
Yash Ghai

The 1987 Military Coups in Fiji: The Regional Implications
Roderic Alley

Economy and State in Fiji before and after the Coups
Bruce Knapman

Uncertain Sequel: The Social and Religious Scene in Fiji since the Coups
John Garrett

Current and Future Implications of the Coups for Women in Fiji
Shireen Lateef

Regional Politics, Ethnicity, and Custom in Fiji
Nicholas Thomas

Political Reviews

Micronesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 1988 to 30 June 1989
Stuart Inder, Giff Johnson, Joan King, Samuel McPhetres, Donald Shuster, Mary Anne Thompson, and Robert Underwood

Polynesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 1988 to 30 June 1989
Joël Bonnemaison, Marjorie Crocombe, Ron Crocombe, Ioane Lafoa‘i, Bill LeGalley, Stephen Levine, Moshe Rapaport, Haunani-Kay Trask, and Ranginui Walker


Researching the Fiji Coups
Brij V. Lal and Karen M. Peacock

Book Reviews

The Literature of the Fiji Coups

Rabuka: No Other Way, by Eddie Dean and Stan Ritova

From the Mangrove Swamps, by Tomasi R. Vakatora

Fiji: Politics of Illusion, by Deryck Scarr

Fiji: Shattered Coups, by Robert T. Robertson and Akosita Tamanisau

Power and Prejudice, by Brij V. Lal

Coup and Crisis, edited by Satendra Prasad

The Guns of Lautoka, by Christopher Harder

The Fiji Economy, May 1987, by Rodney Cole and Helen Hughes

Fiji: Opportunity from Adversity? by Wolfgang Kasper, Jeff Bennett, and Richard Blandy
Review article by Barrie Macdonald

Fiji's Economic History, 1874-1939, by Bruce Knapman
Reviewed by Wadan Narsey

Fiji: Future Imperfect? edited by Michael Taylor
Reviewed by Simione Durutalo

New Caledonia or Kanaky? by John Connell
Reviewed by Stephen Henningham

Torres Strait Islanders, by Jeremy Beckett
Reviewed by Eugene Ogan

The Politics of Land in Vanuatu, by Howard Van Trease
Reviewed by Lamont Lindstrom

La Dernière Ile, by Joël Bonnemaison
Reviewed by Myriam Dornoy Vurobaravu

Racial Conflict and Resolution in New Zealand, by Kayleen Hazlehurst
Reviewed by Paul D’Arcy

Taem Blong Faet, edited by Hugh Laracy and Geoffrey White

The Big Death, edited by Geoffrey M. White, David W. Gegeo, David Akin, and Karen Watson-Gegeo
Reviewed by Suzanne Falgout 

Fall 2(2)


Learning from the Past: Traditional Knowledge and Sustainable Development
William C. Clarke

Heiva: Continuity and Change of a Tahitian Celebration
Karen Stevenson

Customary Law in the Papua New Guinea Village Courts
Jean G. Zorn

Constitutional Reviews in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands
Yash Ghai


The World Council of Indigenous Peoples
An Interview with Pōkō Laenui

Political Reviews

The Region in Review: International Issues and Events, 1989
Richard A. Herr

Melanesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1989
Joël Bonnemaison, John Connell, Elise Huffer, Sandra Tarte, Esau Tuza, Terence Wesley-Smith


Russian Books on the Pacific, 1984-1988: A Review Essay
Patricia Polansky

Book Reviews

History’s Anthropology: The Death of William Gooch, by Greg Dening
Reviewed by Robert Borofsky

Before the Horror: The Population of Hawai‘i on the Eve of Western Contact, by David E. Stannard
Reviewed by Patrick V. Kirch

Deep Water: Development and Change in Pacific Village Fisheries, by Margaret Critchlow Rodman
Reviewed by Stephen Britton

The Frigate Bird, by Alistair Campbell
Reviewed by Paul Sharrad

Southern and Eastern Polynesia, by Glynn Barratt
Reviewed by Louise McReynolds

Missionary Lives: Papua 1874-1914, by Diane Langmore
Reviewed by Patricia Grimshaw

Economic Development in Seven Pacific Island Countries, by Christopher Browne with Douglas A. Scott
Reviewed by Helen Hughes

Melanesian Pidgin and the Oceanic Substrate, by Roger M. Keesing
Reviewed by Peter C. Lincoln

The Evolution of Highland Papua New Guinea Societies, by D. K. Feil
Reviewed by Terence E. Hays

Mountain Papuans: Historical and Comparative Perspectives from New Guinea Fringe Highlands Societies, edited by James F. Weiner
Reviewed by Bruce M. Knauft

Vengeance Is Their Reply: Blood Feuds and Homicides on Bellona Island, by Rolf Kuschel
Reviewed by William W. Donner

Cultural Alternatives and a Feminist Anthropology: An Analysis of Culturally Constructed Gender Interests in Papua New Guinea, by Frederick Errington and Deborah Gewertz
Reviewed by Jill Nash

New Caledonia: Anti-Colonialism in a Pacific Territory, by Helen Fraser
Reviewed by Robert Aldrich