Spring 7(1)


The Resurgence of Maori Art: Conflicts and Continuities in the Eighties
Jonathan Mané-Wheoki

Love and Suffering: Adolescent Socialization and Suicide in Micronesia
Donald H Rubinstein

The Rascal Road: Crime, Prestige, and Development in Papua New Guinea
Michael Goddard

Birds of a Different Feather: Tok Pisin and Hawai‘i Creole English as Literary Languages
Suzanne Romaine

Political Reviews

Micronesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 1993 to 30 June 1994
Samuel F McPhetres, Julie Olsson, Donald R Shuster

Polynesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 1993 to 30 June 1994
Marjorie Crocombe, Ron Crocombe, Kerry James, Stephen Levine, Margaret Mutu, François Sodter, A Morgan Tuimaleali‘ifano, Karin Von Strokirch, Kanalu G T Young


Online Access to the Trust Territory Archives Photo Collection
Karen M Peacock

Book Reviews

Pacific 2010: Challenging the Future
Review Forum by Peter Pirie, Geoffrey Hayes, and Michael J Levin, with a Commentary on Three Reviews by Rodney Cole

Dangerous Liaisons: Essays in Honour of Greg Dening, edited by Donna Merwick
Reviewed by Donald Denoon

Broken Waves: A History of the Fiji Islands in the Twentieth Century, by Brij V Lal
Reviewed by Donald Brenneis

The Ngatik Massacre: History and Identity on a Micronesian Atoll, by Lin Poyer
Reviewed by Richard J Parmentier

More Than a Living: Fishing and the Social Order on a Polynesian Atoll, by Michael D Lieber
Reviewed by David Hanlon

Island Kingdom: Tonga Ancient and Modern, by I C Campbell
Reviewed by Niel Gunson

Islanders of the South: Production, Kinship and Ideology in the Polynesian Kingdom of Tonga, by Paul van der Grijp. Translated by Peter Mason.
Reviewed by Kerry James

Plantation Workers: Resistance and Accommodation, by Brij V Lal, Doug Munro, and Edward D Beechert
Reviewed by Jacqueline Leckie

Tahitian Transformation: Gender and Capitalist Development in a Rural Society, by Victoria S Lockwood
Reviewed by Miriam Kahn

Kava: The Pacific Drug, by Vincent Lebot, Mark Merlin, and Lamont Lindstrom
Reviewed by Nina L Etkin

Migration and Health in a Small Society: The Case of Tokelau, by Albert F Wessen (editor), Antony Hooper, Judith Huntsman, Ian A M Prior, and Clare E Salmond
Reviewed by Cluny Macpherson

Pacific Neighbours: New Zealand’s Relations with Other Pacific Islands/Aotearoa me Nga Moutere o te Moana Nui a Kiwa, by Ron Crocombe
Reviewed by John Henderson

Atoll Politics: The Republic of Kiribati, edited by Howard Van Trease
Reviewed by Stephen J Pollard

Planning the Future: Melanesian Cities in 2010, by John Connell and John P Lea
Reviewed by A Crosbie Walsh

Lokal Musik: Lingua Franca Song and Identity in Papua New Guinea, by Michael Webb
Reviewed by Amy Ku‘uleialoha Stillman

Kanak Sculptors and Painters Today: Ko i Néva. Text and interviews by Christine D Chaaplain, with English translations by Helen Brinon and Phillida Stefens.
Reviewed by Deborah Waite

Resources, Development and Politics in the Pacific Islands, edited by Stephen Henningham and R J May
Reviewed by Colin Filer

Agroforestry in the Pacific Islands: Systems for Sustainability, edited by W C Clarke and R R Thaman
Reviewed by Bill Raynor

Fall 7(2)


Forestry, Public Land, and the Colonial Legacy in Solomon Islands
Judith A Bennett

Models for Masculinity in Colonial and Postcolonial Papua New Guinea
Wayne Fife

Active Agents versus Passive Victims: Decolonized Historiography or Problematic Paradigm?
David A Chappell


An Interview with Alan Duff
Vilsoni Hereniko

Renee Heyum, Pacific Librarian and Bibliographer sans Pareil
Karen M Peacock

Political Reviews

The Region in Review: International Issues and Events, 1994
Stephen Henningham

Melanesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1994
David A Chappell, Stephen Henningham, Brij V Lal, Terence Wesley-Smith

Book Reviews

Operation Crossroads: The Atomic Tests at Bikini Atoll, by Jonathan M Weisgall
Reviewed by Stewart Firth

France and the South Pacific since 1940, by Robert Aldrich
Reviewed by Eric Waddell

Cargo Cult: Strange Stories of Desire from Melanesia and Beyond, by Lamont Lindstrom
Reviewed by George E Marcus

Colonialism’s Culture: Anthropology, Travel and Government, by Nicholas Thomas
Reviewed by Eugene Ogan

Tides of History: The Pacific Islands in the Twentieth Century, edited by K R Howe, Robert C Kiste, and Brij V Lal
Reviewed by David A Chappell

The Changing Role of the Military in Papua New Guinea, by R J May Bougainville Campaign Diary, by Yauka Aluambo Liria
Reviewed by Yaw Saffu

Voices of Conflict, by Andrew Strathern
Reviewed by Karen Brison

Fruit of the Motherland: Gender in an Egalitarian Society, by Maria Lepowsky
Reviewed by Shelley Mallett

The Future of Asia-Pacific Economies: Pacific Islands at the Crossroads? edited by Rodney V Cole and Somsak Tambunlertchai
Reviewed by Te‘o I J Fairbairn

Labour and Gold in Fiji, by ‘Atu Emberson Bain
Reviewed by Jacqueline Leckie

Hard Times on Kairiru Island: Poverty, Development, and Morality in a Papua New Guinea Village, by Michael French Smith
Reviewed by Richard Scaglion

Last Virgin in Paradise: A Serious Comedy, by Vilsoni Hereniko and Teresia Teaiwa
Writing from the Pacific Islands, special feature in Manoa, edited by Vilsoni Hereniko

Reviewed by Sig J Schwarz

Alms for Oblivion, by Fata Sano Malifa
Reviewed by Paul Lyons