Spring 8(1)


Chiefly Models in Papua New Guinea
Richard Scaglion

Between Two Laws: Tenure Regimes in the Pearl Islands
Moshe Rapaport

Romanticizing Colonialism: Power and Pleasure in Jane Campion’s The Piano
Reshela DuPuis

The Dread Taboo, Human Sacrifice, and Pearl Harbor
R D K Herman


What’s Mine Is Yours? Cultural Borrowing in a Pacific Context
Jane Freeman Moulin

Political Reviews

Micronesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 1994 to 30 June 1995
Francis X Hezel, Michael R Ogden, Samuel F McPhetres, Donald R Shuster

Polynesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 1994 to 30 June 1995
Marjorie Crocombe, Ron Crocombe, Kerry James, Stephen Levine, Margaret Mutu, Karin Von Strokirch


The New Zealand and Pacific Collection at the University of Auckland
Stephen Innes

Book Reviews

A New Oceania: Rediscovering Our Sea of Islands, edited by Eric Waddell, Vijay Naidu, and Epeli Hau‘ofa
Reviewed by Teresia K Teaiwa

The Pearl-Shellers of Torres Strait: Resources, Use, Development and Decline, I860s-1960s, by Regina Ganter
Reviewed by Anna Shnukal

Strategies for Melanesian Agriculture for 2010: Tough Choices, by J Brian Hardaker and Euan Fleming
Reviewed by R Gerard Ward

The Margin Fades: Geographical Itineraries in a World of Islands, edited by Eric Waddell and Patrick D Nunn
Reviewed by Murray Chapman

Reconciling the Past: Two Basketry Kā‘ai and the Legendary Līloa and Lonoikamakahi, by Roger G Rose
Reviewed by C Kēhaunani Cachola-Abad

From Grammar to Politics: Linguistic Anthropology in a Western Samoan Village, by Alessandro Duranti
Reviewed by Bradd Shore

Payback: The Logic of Retribution in Melanesian Religions, by G W Trompf
Reviewed by Lamont C Lindstrom

Tradition and Christianity: The Colonial Transformation of a Solomon Islands Society, by Ben Burt
Reviewed by Edvard Hviding

Winds of Change: Rapidly Growing Religious Groups in the Pacific Islands, by Manfred Ernst
Reviewed by John Barker

Culture and Change among the Muyu, by J W Schoorl. Translated by G J van Exel
Reviewed by Robert L Welsch

South Coast New Guinea Cultures: History, Comparison, Dialectic, by Bruce M Knauft
Reviewed by Dan Jorgensen

Artistic Heritage in a Changing Pacific, edited by P J C Dark and R G Rose
Reviewed by Karen L Nero

Paradise: Portraying the New Guinea Highlands, by Michael O’Hanlon
Reviewed by Miriam Kahn

Nius Bilong Pasifik: Mass Media in the Pacific, edited by David Robie
Reviewed by Suzanna Layton

Fall 8(2)


Structural Adjustment in Fiji under the Interim Government, 1987-1992
A Haroon Akram-Lodki

The Dream of Joseph: Practices of Identity in Pacific Art
Nicholas Thomas

From Exhibit to Exhibitionism: Recent Polynesian Presentations of “Otherness”
Nicholas Thomas

The Asaro Mudmen: Focal Property, Public Culture?
Ton Otto and Robert J Verloop


Entangled in Maori History: A Report on Experience
Michael P J Reilly

Political Reviews

The Region in Review: International Issues and Events, 1995
Karin Von Strokirch

Melanesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1995
David Ambrose, David A Chappell, Sandra Tarte, Terence Wesley-Smith


The Pacific Manuscripts Bureau: Preserving and Disseminating Pacific Documentation
Adrian Cunningham and Ewan Maidment

Book Reviews

Voyage of Rediscovery: A Cultural Odyssey through Polynesia, by Ben Finney
Reviewed by Geoffrey Irwin

Women of the Place: Kastom, Colonialism and Gender in Vanuatu, by Margaret Jolly
Reviewed by Marilyn Strathern

How “Natives” Think: About Captain Cook, for Example, by Marshall Sahlins
Reviewed by Antony Hooper

The Voices of Eden: A History of Hawaiian Languages, by Albert J Schütz
Reviewed by William H Wilson

Women's Education and Economic Development in Melanesia, by K G Gannicott and Beatrice Avalos
Educational Development in the Small States of the Commonwealth: Post Secondary Education in the South Pacific, Present Patterns and Future Options, by Ron Crocombe and Marjorie Tuainekore Crocombe
Reviewed by R J Meyenn

The Political Economy of Regional Cooperation: Comparative Case Studies, edited by W Andrew Axline
Reviewed by Richard Herr

La Nouvelle-Calédonie au tournant des années 1990: Un état des lieux, by Louis Arréghini and Philippe Waniez
Reviewed by Eric Waddell

Human Biology in Papua New Guinea: The Small Cosmos, edited by Robert D Attenborough and Michael P Alpers
Reviewed by Martha Macintyre