Spring 13(1)


From Rolling Thunder to Reggae: Imagining Squatter Settlements in Papua New Guinea
Michael Goddard

Academic Responsibilities and Representation of the Ok Tedi Crisis in Postcolonial Papua New Guinea
David Hyndman

“How We Know”: Kwara‘ae Rural Villagers Doing Indigenous Epistemology
David Welchman Gegeo and Karen Ann Watson-Gegeo

Creating Options: Forming a Marshallese Community in Orange County, California
Jim Hess, Karen L Nero, and Michael L Burton


Our Own Liberation: Reflections on Hawaiian Epistemology
Manulani Aluli Meyer

The Oceanic Imaginary

David and Goliath
Vilsoni Hereniko

Response to “The Oceanic Imaginary”
Caroline Sinavaiana-Gabbard

(Re)visioning Knowledge Transformation in the Pacific: A Response to Subramani’s “The Oceanic Imaginary”
David Welchman Gegeo

An Interview with Subramani
Vilsoni Hereniko

Political Reviews

Micronesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 1999 to 30 June 2000
Samuel F McPhetres, Joakim Peter, Gonzaga Puas, Donald R Shuster, Julie Walsh

Polynesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 1999 to 30 June 2000
Kerry James, Keli Kalolo, Steven Levine, Margaret Mutu, Asofou So‘o, Karin von Strokirch

Book and Media Reviews

Emerging Class in Papua New Guinea: The Telling of Difference, by Deborah B Gewertz and Frederick K Errington
Review Forum by Michael French Smith, Laura Zimmer-Tamakoshi, and Scott MacWilliam, with a Response by Deborah B Gewertz and Frederick K Errington  

Getting Under the Skin: The Bougainville Copper Agreement and the Creation of the Panguna Mine, by Donald Denoon
Reviewed by Glenn Banks

Australia and the Pacific Islands in the Twentieth Century, by Roger C Thompson
Reviewed by Barrie Macdonald

Strategies for Sustainable Development: Experiences from the Pacific, edited by John Overton and Regina Scheyvens
Pacific Development Sustained: Policy for Pacific Environments,
by Colin Hunt
Reviewed by Ben Burt

Adolescence in Pacific Island Societies, edited by Gilbert Herdt and Stephen C Leavitt
Reviewed by Donald H Rubinstein

From Primitive to Postcolonial in Melanesia and Anthropology, by Bruce M Knauft
Reviewed by Edward LiPuma

Nanshin: Japanese Settlers in Papua and New Guinea,1890–1949, by Hiromitsu Iwamoto
Reviewed by David Y H Wu

Charles Abel and the Kwato Mission of Papua New Guinea 1891–1975, by David Wetherell
Reviewed by Mary N MacDonald

Double Vision: Art Histories and Colonial Histories in the Pacific, edited by Nicholas Thomas and Diane Losche
Reviewed by Jeanette Hoorn

Turning Tide: The Ebb and Flow of Hawaiian Nationality, by Niklaus R Schweizer
Reviewed by Kanalu G Terry Young

Pana O‘ahu: Sacred Stones, Sacred Land, edited and compiled with photographs by Jan Becket and Joseph Singer
Reviewed by David Hanlon

Bad Colonists: The South Seas Letters of Vernon Fee Walker and Louis Becke, by Nicholas Thomas and Richard Eves
Reviewed by Paul Lyons

The Undiscovered Country: A Novel, by Samantha Gillison
Reviewed by Steven Winduo

Islands of the Frigate Bird, by Daryl Tarte
Reviewed by Katerina Teaiwa

Compassionate Exile
Feature Review by Teresia K Teaiwa

Vot Long Pati Ia! (Your Vote, Our Party)
Reviewed by Michael Goldsmith and Keith Barber

Fall 13(2)


Native Pacific Cultural Studies on the Edge
Vicente M Diaz and J Kehaulani Kauanui

Lo(o)sing the Edge
Teresia K Teaiwa

“What Kine Hawaiian Are You?” A Moolelo about Nationhood, Race, History, and the Contemporary Sovereignty Movement in Hawai‘i
Jonathan Kamakawiwo‘ole Osorio

Disappearing Worlds: Anthropology and Cultural Studies in Hawai‘i and the Pacific
Geoffrey M White and Ty Kawika Tengan

On the Edge? Deserts, Oceans, Islands
Margaret Jolly


Indigenous Articulations
James Clifford

Cultural Rupture and Indigeneity: The Challenge of (Re)visioning “Place” in the Pacific
David Welchman Gegeo

Political Reviews

The Region in Review: International Issues and Events, 2000
Karin von Strokirch

Melanesia in Review: Issues and Events, 2000
David A Chappell, John Moffat Fugui, Anita Jowitt, Sandra Tarte

Book and Media Reviews

Reflections on Violence in Melanesia, edited by Sinclair Dinnen and Allison Ley
Reviewed by Lisette Josephides

Chiefs Today: Traditional Pacific Leadership and the Postcolonial State, edited by Geoffrey M White and Lamont Lindstrom
Leadership in the Pacific Islands: Tradition and the Future,
edited by Don Shuster, Peter Larmour, and Karin von Strokirch
Reviewed by Ton Otto

Colonizing Hawai‘i: The Cultural Power of Law, by Sally Engle Merry
Reviewed by Jon Kamakawiwo‘ole Osorio

Pacific Answers to Western Hegemony: Cultural Practices of Identity Construction, edited by Jürg Wassmann
Reviewed by Edvard Hviding

Money and Modernity: State and Local Currencies in Melanesia, edited by David Akin and Joel Robbins
Reviewed by Michael O’Hanlon

Confronting Fiji Futures, edited by A Haroon Akram-Lodhi
Reviewed by Roderic Alley

Social Change in Melanesia: Development and History, by Paul Sillitoe
Reviewed by Lamont Lindstrom

National Security and Self-Determination: United States Policy in Micronesia 1961-1972), by Howard P Widens and Deanne C Siemer
Reviewed by Robert C Kiste

The French-Speaking Pacific: Population, Environment and Development Issues, edited by Christian Jost
Reviewed by Donna Winslow

En Pays Kanak: Ethnologie, Linguistique, Archéologie, Histoire de la Nouvelle-Calédonie, edited by Alban Bensa and Isabelle Leblic
Reviewed by David Chappell

Radio Happy Isles: Media and Politics at Play in the Pacific, by Robert Seward
Reviewed by Adria L Imada

Representing the South Pacific: Colonial Discourse from Cook to Gauguin, by Rod Edmond
Storied Landscapes: Hawaiian Literature and Place,
by Dennis Kawaharada
Reviewed by Rob Wilson

Art and Performance in Oceania, edited by Barry Craig, Bernie Kernot, and Christopher Anderson
Reviewed by Jacob L Simet

The Value of Indigenous Music in the Life and Ministry of the Church: The United Church in the Duke of York Islands, by Andrew Midian
Reviewed by Vida Cbenoweth

Navigating Islands and Continents: Conversations and Contestations in and around the Pacific, edited by Cynthia Franklin, Ruth Hsu, and Suzanne Kosanke
Reviewed by John O’Carroll

Inside Out: Literature, Cultural Politics, and Identity in the New Pacific, edited by Vilsoni Hereniko and Rob Wilson
Reviewed by Christopher L Connery

Cracks in the Mask
Reviewed by Martin Nakata

Since the Company Came
Reviewed by John Roughan

Heirs of Lata: A Renewal of Polynesian Voyaging Vaka Taumako: The First Voyage
Reviewed by Richard Feinberg

At Home in Vanuatu: Tradition in the Western Pacific. Photograph exhibit by David Becker
Reviewed by Lamont Lindstrom