Spring 16(1)


Whakapapa as a Māori Mental Construct: Some Implications for the Debate over Genetic Modification of Organisms
Mere Roberts, Brad Haami, Richard Benton, Terre Satterfield, Melissa L Finucane, Mark Henare, and Manuka Henare

Contested Visions of History in Aotearoa New Zealand Literature: Witi Ihimaera’s The Matriarch
Suzanne Romaine

Tropical Fevers: “Madness” and Colonialism in Pacific Literature
Seri Luangphinith

Have We Been Thinking Upside Down? The Contemporary Emergence of Pacific Theoretical Thought
Elise Huffer and Ropate Qalo

Political Reviews

Micronesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 2002 to 30 June 2003
Kelly G Marsh-Kautz, Samuel F McPhetres, Donald Shuster, Kristina E Stege

Polynesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 2002 to 30 June 2003
Frédéric Angleviel, Tracie Ku‘uipo Cummings, Jon Tikivanotau M Jonassen, Margaret Mutu, Asofou So‘o

Book and Media Reviews

Pacific Diaspora: Island Peoples in the United States and Across the Pacific, edited by Paul Spickard, Joanne L Rondilla, and Debbie Hippolite Wright
Constructing Moral Communities: Pacific Islander Strategies for Settling in New Places, edited by Judith S Modell
Reviewed by Ron Crocombe

Materializing the Nation: Commodities, Consumption, and Media in Papua New Guinea, by Robert J Foster
Reviewed by Laura Zimmer-Tamakoshi

Dismembering Lāhui: A History of the Hawaiian Nation to 1887, by Jonathan Kay Kamakawiwo‘ole Osorio
Reviewed by Paul d’Arcy

Hawai‘i Nei: Island Plays, by Victoria Nālani Kneubuhl
Reviewed by Jackie Pualani Johnson

Unfolding the Moon: Enacting Women’s Kastom in Vanuatu, by Lissant Bolton
Reviewed by Jean Mitchell

Akekeia! Traditional Dance in Kiribati, by Tony and Joan Whincup
Reviewed by Katerina Teiawa

Seksek ‘e Hatana / Strolling on Hatana: Traditions of Rotuma and its Dependencies, with excerpts from an archaeologist’s field notebook, edited by Aubrey L Parke
Kato‘aga: Rotuman Ceremonies, by Elizabeth K Inia
Reviewed by Janet Dixon Keller

Cargo Cult as Theater: Political Performance in the Pacific, by Dorothy K Billings
Reviewed by Lamont Lindstrom

Harvesting Development: The Construction of Fresh Food Markets in Papua New Guinea, by Karl Benediktsson
Reviewed by Colin Filer

In-House in Papua New Guinea with Anthony Siaguru, by Anthony Siaguru
Reviewed by James Chin

The West New Guinea Debacle: Dutch Colonisation and Indonesia 1945–1962, by C L M Penders
Reviewed by Ron May

Melal: A Novel of the Pacific, by Robert Barclay
Reviewed by Robert C Kiste

Sista Tongue, by Lisa Linn Kanae
Reviewed by Juliana Spahr

Diaspora and the Difficult Art of Dying, by Sudesh Mishra
Reviewed by Briar Wood

The Book of the Black Star, by Albert Wendt
Reviewed by Nell Altizer

Skull Art in Papua New Guinea (video)
Reviewed by Pamela Sheffield Rosi

Kau Faito‘o: Traditional Healers of Tonga (video)
Reviewed by Heather Young Leslie

Wasawasa (music compact disc)
Reviewed by Bob Alexander

Gauguin’s Zombie (art installation)
Reviewed by Marcia Morse

Featured Artist: Rogotai Lomas

Born in Kawhia in 1963, Rongotai Lomas is a leading New Zealand animator, film and music video director, editor, and graphic designer. Graduating with a bachelor of fine arts from the University of Canterbury in 1988 (majoring in film and television under Leon Narbey), Lomas has been owner and operator of computer animation company 1A Tapui Ltd since 1993. His design work has been as diverse as the 1996 “Toi” series of stamps for NZ Post and the opening titles and design for television program Mai Time, Te Karere, and 3:45 Live. Recent work includes the editing of two full-length features—Hotere, directed by Merata Mita, and Blerta, directed by Geoff Murphy—and the new Che Fu website for SONY music.



Fall 16(2)


Traveling Stories, Colonial Intimacies, and Women’s Histories in Vanuatu
Margaret Rodman

Tackling Māori Masculinity: A Colonial Genealogy of Savagery and Sport
Brendan Hokowhitu

Toward a Viable Independence? The Koniambo Project and the Political Economy of Mining in New Caledonia
Leah S Horowitz

Christianity, Calamity, and Culture: The Involvement of Christian Churches in the 1998 Aitape Tsunami Disaster Relief
Philip M Fountain, Sara L Kindon, Warwick E Murray


This Magnificent Accident: An Interview with Witi Ihimaera
Margaret Meklin and Andrew Meklin

Political Reviews

The Region in Review: International Issues and Events, 2003
Karin von Strokirch

Melanesia in Review: Issues and Events, 2003
David Chappell, Anita Jowitt, Tarcisius Tara Kabutaulaka, Jaap Timmer

Book and Media Reviews

Whale Rider (feature film)
Reviewed by Esther Figueroa

Te Tangata Whai Rawa o Weniti, The Mäori Merchant of Venice (feature film)
Reviewed by Valerie Wayne

Kainga Tahi Kainga Rua: New Work on Banaba, by Brett Graham (art installation)
Reviewed by Peter Brunt

ARTPIX 3: Aotearoa/New Zealand (CD-ROM)
Reviewed by Karen Stevenson

Night is a Sharkskin Drum, by Haunani-Kay Trask
Reviewed by Robert Sullivan

When the Shark Bites, by Rodney Morales
Reviewed by Susan Y Najita

Handle With Care: Ownership and Control of Ethnographic Materials, edited by Sjoerd R Jaarmsa
Reviewed by James Leach

The Network Inside Out, by Annelise Riles
Reviewed by Teresia K Teaiwa

Bravo for the Marshallese: Regaining Control in a Post-Nuclear, Post-Colonial World, by Holly M Barker
Reviewed by Laurence Marshall Carucci

The Marshall Islands: Living Atolls Amidst the Living Sea, by the National Biodiversity Team of the Republic of the Marshall Islands
Reviewed by Julianne Walsh Kroeker

People and Things: Social Mediations in Oceania, edited by Monique Jeudy-Ballini and Bernard Juillerat
Reviewed by Rena Lederman

Tongans Overseas: Between Two Shores, by Helen Morton Lee
Saili Matagi: Samoan Migrants in Australia, by Leulu Felise Va‘a

Reviewed by Cluny Macpherson

La Saga du kava, du Vanuatu á la Nouvelle-Calédonie, by Annabel R Chanteraud,
Reviewed by Dorotheé Dussy

Edward W Gifford and Richard Shutler Jr’s Archaeological Expedition to New Caledonia in 1952, by Christophe Sand and Patrick V Kirch
Reviewed by Glenn Summerhayes

Pacific Lives, Pacific Places: Bursting Boundaries in Pacific History, edited by Brij V Lal and Peter Hempenstall
Reviewed by Paul D’Arcy

Exploration & Exchange: A South Seas Anthology, 1680–1900, edited by Jonathan Lamb, Vanessa Smith, and Nicholas Thomas
Preserving the Self in the South Seas, 1680–1840, by Jonathan Lamb

Reviewed by Michael P J Reilly

Featured Artist: Ake Lianga

Ake Lianga was born in 1975 into a large family on the island of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. He has been pursuing his art since childhood. In his village school no art classes were available, yet he worked hard on his own. Many of his ancestors had been carvers and weavers and he looked to his family for inspiration and encouragement.