Spring 17(1)


Precarious Positions: Native Hawaiians and US Federal Recognition
J Kēhaulani Kauanui

He Lei Ho‘oheno no nā Kau a Kau: Language, Performance, and Form in Hawaiian Poetry
Ku‘ualoha Ho‘omanawanui

Tauhi vā: Nurturing Tongan Sociospatial Ties in Maui and Beyond
Tēvita O Ka‘ili


Governance, Corruption, and Ethics in the South Pacific
Elise Huffer

A Conversation with Mililani Trask
Noe Noe Wong-Wilson

Political Reviews

Micronesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 2003 to 30 June 2004
Kelly G Marsh-Kautz, Samuel F McPhetres, Donald R Shuster

Polynesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 2003 to 30 June 2004
Frédéric Angleviel, David Chappell, Tracie Ku‘uipo Cummings, Jon Tikivanotau M Jonassen, Margaret Mutu

Book and Media Reviews

The Trial of the Cannibal Dog: Captain Cook in the South Seas, by Anne Salmond
Cook: The Extraordinary Voyages of Captain James Cook, by Nicholas Thomas
Reviewed by Tom Ryan

Sailing in the Wake of the Ancestors: Reviving Polynesian Voyaging, by Ben Finney
Reviewed by Richard Feinberg

No Sword to Bury: Japanese Americans in Hawai‘i during World II, by Franklin Odo
Reviewed by Jonathan Y Okamura

Kahana: How the Land Was Lost, by Robert H Stauffer
Reviewed by David Keanu Sai

Secrecy and Cultural Reality: Utopian Ideologies of the New Guinea Men’s House, by Gilbert Herdt
Reviewed by Andrew Lattas

Raiding the Land of the Foreigners: The Limits of the Nation on an Indonesian Frontier, by Danilyn Rutherford
Reviewed by Chris Ballard

Under the Gun: The Small Arms Challenge in the Pacific, by David Capie
Reviewed by Edwina Thompson

Akono‘anga Maori: Cook Islands Culture, edited by Ron Crocombe and Marjorie Tua‘inekore Crocombe
Reviewed by Jukka Siikala

Pacific Island Tourism, edited by David Harrison
Reviewed by Wardlow Friesen

Marshall Islands Legends and Stories, collected and edited by Daniel A Kelin II
Reviewed by Laurence Marshall Carucci

Samoan Art & Artists: O Measina a Samoa, by Sean Mallon
Reviewed by Carol E Mayer

Conversations: Occasional Writing from the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies 2:1, June 2001, edited by Brij Lal
Reviewed by Paul Lyons

Kwamra: A Season of Harvest, by Russell Soaba.
Captain Cook in the Underworld, by Robert Sullivan
Reviewed by Briar Wood

Gender, Song, and Sensibility: Folktales and Folksongs in the Highlands of New Guinea, by Pamela J Stewart and Andrew Strathern
Reviewed by Don Brenneis

Panpipes Across the Ocean: A Production of Popular Tunes from the South Pacific Islands [compact disc]
Reviewed by Don Niles

Kuo Hina ‘E Hiapo: The Mulberry is White and Ready to Harvest [video]
Reviewed by Ping-Ann Addo

The Songmaker’s Chair, by Albert Wendt [play]
Reviewed by Melani Anae

Paradise Now? Contemporary Art from the Pacific [art exhibit]
Reviewed by Fred Myers

Featured Artist: Meleanna Meyer

Meleanna Aluli Meyer was born and raised at Mōkapu, Kailua, on the windward side of the island of O‘ahu. A Native Hawaiian, Meyer is a freelance visual artist and arts educator who works in an outreach capacity in various community settings throughout the islands. As a filmmaker, she has three documentaries to her credit. In 1978 she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in design and photography from Stanford University, winning the prestigious Borelli Arts prize while there. Meyer was mentored by renowned painter/printmaker Nathan Oliveira and also studied in Italy. She received her master’s in educational foundations from the University of Hawai‘i, Mānoa. Being a fellow of the East-West Center, Asian Pacific American Women's Leadership Institute, and Salzburg Institute afforded Meyer opportunities to interface in national and international arenas regarding Hawaiian issues. The recipient of numerous awards, she has exhibited her work and films throughout Hawai‘i; on the continent in New York, Tennessee, California, Illinois, and Washington DC; and abroad in Japan, Germany, France, Aotearoa/New Zealand, and Australia.

Fall 17(2)


Australian Foreign Policy and the RAMSI Intervention in Solomon Islands
Tarcisius Tara Kabutaulaka

Beyond Governance in Sāmoa: Understanding Samoan Political Thought
Elise Huffer and Asofou So‘o

Dialogue 1

Reflections on Nuclear Testing in the South Pacific, edited by David Chappell
In Quest of Dialogue on a “Hot” Subject
David Chappell

The Nuclear Issue in the South Pacific: Labor Parties, Trade Union Movements, and Pacific Island Churches in International Relations
Jean-Marc Regnault

A Comment on “The Nuclear Issue in the South Pacific”
Stewart Firth

The Nuclear Age in the Pacific Islands
Nic Maclellan

Response to Regnault
Bruno Barrillot and John Taroanui Doom

French Nuclear Testing in the South Pacific, or When France Makes Light of Its Duty to Remember
Gabriel Tetiarahi

Jean-Marc Regnault

Dialogue 2

Of Blood and Of the Heart: An Interview with Georgia Ka‘apuni McMillen
Cara Cilano

“Hawaiian at Heart” and Other Fictions
Lisa Kahaleole Hall

Political Peviews

The Region in Review: International Issues and Events, 2004
Karin von Strokirch

Melanesia in Review: Issues and Events, 2004
David Chappell, Anita Jowitt, Jaap Timmer

Book and Media Reviews

Becoming Sinners: Christianity and Moral Torment in a Papua New Guinea Society, by Joel Robbins
Reviewed by Mary N MacDonald

Maori Times, Maori Places: Prophetic Histories, by Karen Sinclair
Reviewed by Toon van Meijl

Cargo, Cult, and Culture Critique, edited by Holger Jebens
Reviewed by Michael French Smith

Landscape, Memory and History: Anthropological Perspectives, edited by Pamela J Stewart and Andrew Strathern
Reviewed by Jamon Halvaksz

Bittersweet: The Indo-Fijian Experience, edited by Brij V Lal
Reviewed by Max Quanchi

Pacific Places, Pacific Histories: Essays in Honor of Robert C Kiste, edited by Brij V Lal
Reviewed by Anne Hattori

New Guinea: Crossing Boundaries and History, by Clive Moore
Reviewed by Larry M Lake

Worlds Apart: A History of the Pacific Islands, by I C Campbell
Reviewed by John Cole

The Archaeology of Micronesia, by Paul Rainbird
Reviewed by Ross Cordy

Wartime Japanese Anthropology in Asia and the Pacific, edited by Akitoshi Shimizu and Jan van Bremen
Reviewed by Dirk Anthony Ballendorf

Namoluk Beyond the Reef: The Transformation of a Micronesian Community, by Mac Marshall
Reviewed by Unasa L F Va‘a

Under Heaven’s Brow: Pre-Christian Religious Tradition in Chuuk, by Ward H Goodenough
Reviewed by Ted Lowe

Conceiving Cultures: Reproducing People and Places on Nuakata, Papua New Guinea, by Shelley Mallett
Reviewed by Leslie Butt

Exchanging the Past: A Rainforest World of Before and After, by Bruce M Knauft
Reviewed by Thomas Ernst

Identity and Development: Tongan Culture, Agriculture, and the Perenniality of the Gift, by Paul van der Grijp
Reviewed by Mike Evans

Anuta: Polynesian Lifeways for the 21st Century, by Richard Feinberg
Reviewed by Torben Monberg

Re-Thinking Vanuatu Education Together, edited by Kabini Sanga, John Niroa, Kalmele Matai, and Linda Crowl
Reviewed by Karen Ann Watson-Gegeo

Pacific Art: Persistence, Change and Meaning, edited by Anita Herle, Nick Stanley, Karen Stevenson, and Robert L Welsch
Reviewed by Jacob Love

The Time at Darwin’s Reef: Poetic Explorations in Anthropology and History, by Ivan Brady
Reviewed by Klaus Neumann

Kau Lā‘au and Ma‘ama‘a: Traditional Hawaiian Ulua Fishing (DVD)
Reviewed by Mark A Calamia

Oltobed a Malt (Nurture, regenerate, celebrate). The Ninth Festival of Pacific Arts in Koror, Palau, 22–31 July 2004
Reviewed by Jane Freeman Moulin

Featured Artist: Ric R Castro

Ric R Castro is a native Chamorro, raised on the family beach in the north of the island of Guam. Currently assistant professor of art at the University of Guam, he is primarily known for his paintings but also does printmaking and stone carving. Castro studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh (associate degree in specialized technology) where he won Best in Show his final year; the University of Pennsylvania (bachelor of fine arts); and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia (four-year certificate and master of fine arts), where he received a Ware Travel Award to experience art in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. The recipient of other numerous awards, he has exhibited his paintings and prints in the continental United States as well as in Japan, Tahiti, and the Philippines.