Spring 18(1)


“Got Race?” The Production of Haole and the Distortion of Indigeneity in the Rice Decision
Judy Rohrer

Three Competing Research Perspectives for Oceania
Houston Wood


Interview with Albert Wendt: Art, Writing, and the Creative Process
Vilsoni Hereniko

On Analogies: Rethinking the Pacific in a Global Context
Teresia K Teaiwa

Saipan: From Then to Now
P F Kluge

Political Reviews

Micronesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 2004 to 30 June 2005
Kelly G Marsh, Samuel F McPhetres, Donald R Shuster

Polynesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 2004 to 30 June 2005
Frédéric Angleviel, Lorenz Gonschor, Jon Tikivanotau M Jonassen, Tracie Ku‘uipo Cummings Losch

Book and Media Reviews

Aloha Betrayed: Native Hawaiian Resistance to American Colonialism
Review Forum by Lyn Carter, Sally Engle Merry, and Jonathan Friedman, with a Response by Noenoe K Silva

Creative Land: Place and Procreation on the Rai Coast of Papua New Guinea, by James Leach
Papua New Guinea’s Last Place: Experiences of Constraint in a Postcolonial Prison, by Adam Reed
Reviewed by Joel Robbins

Remembering Papua New Guinea: An Eccentric Ethnography, by William C Clarke
Reviewed by Dan Jorgensen

News Zero: The New York Times and the Bomb, by Beverly Ann Deepe Keever
Reviewed by Robert C Kiste

The Secret Guam Study: How President Ford’s 1975 Approval of Commonwealth Was Blocked by Federal Officials, by Howard P Willens with Dirk A Ballendorf
Reviewed by Robert C Kiste

L’art des échanges: Penser le lien sociale chez les Sulka (Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée), by Monique Jeudy-Ballini
Reviewed by Marta Rohatynskyj

Approches autour de culture et nature dans le Pacifique Sud, edited by Hamid Mokaddem
Reviewed by Elise Huffer

L’oeil du Père Rouel: Autour d’une série de photographies d’Alphonse Rouel en Nouvelle-Calédonie (1913–1969), by Hamid Mokaddem
Reviewed by Emmanuelle Crane

Insularités: Hommage à Henri Lavondès, edited by Alain Babadzan
Reviewed by Serge Dunis

Atlas of the Pacific Islands, by Max Quanchi
Reviewed by James O Juvik and Sonia P Juvik

The Captain Cook Encyclopaedia, written and edited by John Robson
Reviewed by Brian Richardson

Nā Kkai Takū: Takū’s Musical Fables, collected by Richard M Moyle
Reviewed by Denis Crowdy

Stolen Worlds: Fijiindian Fragments, edited by Kavita Ivy Nandan
Reviewed by Seri I Luangphinith

Waa in Storms, by Teweiariki Teaero
Reviewed by Katerina Martina Teaiwa

Mauna Kea: Temple Under Siege (documentary film)
Reviewed by Georganne Nordstrom

Featured Artist: Albert Wendt

Ko‘olau 5 (2006), by Albert Wendt

Albert Wendt writes, "I’m only five years old as an artist. Yeah, so I feel very awkward talking about something I’ve only been doing seriously since 2000! I mean, I’ve only had one public exhibition and that was in my house for one day. And I don’t really want to talk about my art like I’ve been talking about my writing for over thirty years. I want my drawings and paintings to do the talking."

Fall 18(2)


Grass Roots and Deep Holes: Community Responses to Mining in Melanesia
Colin Filer and Martha Macintyre

Hinterland History: The Ok Tedi Mine and Its Cultural Consequences in Telefolmin
Dan Jorgensen

Who Is the “Original Affluent Society”? Ipili “Predatory Expansion” and the Porgera Gold Mine, Papua New Guinea
Alex Golub

Environmental Conservation and Mining: Strange Bedfellows in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea
Paige West

Local Laborers in Papua New Guinea Mining: Attracted or Compelled to Work?
Benedict Y Imbun

Cannibalistic Imaginaries: Mining the Natural and Social Body in Papua New Guinea
Jamon Halvaksz

The Ecology and Economy of Indigenous Resistance: Divergent Perspectives on Mining in New Caledonia
Saleem H Ali and Andrew Singh Grewal

Political Reviews

Melanesia in Review: Issues and Events, 2005
David Chappell, Alumita L Durutalo, Alphonse Gelu, Anita Jowitt, Tarcisius Tara Kabutaulaka

Book and Media Reviews

The Manipulation of Custom: From Uprising to Intervention in the Solomon Islands, by Jon Fraenkel
Happy Isles in Crisis: The Historical Causes for a Failing State in Solomon Islands, 1988–2004, by Clive Moore
Reviewed by Rhys Richards

The Unseen City: Anthropological Perspectives on Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, by Michael Goddard
Reviewed by Keith Barber

Sovereignty under Siege? Globalization and New Zealand, edited by Robert Patman and Chris Rudd
Reviewed by Roderic Alley

Mining and Indigenous Lifeworlds in Australia and Papua New Guinea, edited by Alan Rumsey and James Weiner
Reviewed by Alex Golub

Colonial Dis-Ease: US Navy Health Policies and the Chamorros of Guam, 1898–1941, by Anne Perez Hattori
Reviewed by Laurel A Monnig

Life in the Republic of the Marshall Islands / Mour ilo Republic eo an Majol, written by Marshall Islanders and edited by Anono Lieom Loeak, Veronica C Kiluwe, and Linda Crowl
Reviewed by Hilda Heine and Julianne Walsh Kroeker

Historiographie de la Nouvelle-Calédonie, by Frédéric Angleviel
Reviewed by David Chappell

The Aborigines of Taiwan: The Puyuma; From Headhunting to the Modern World, by Josiane Cauquelin
Reviewed by Serge Dunis

Postcolonial Pacific Writing: Representations of the Body, by Michelle Keown
Reviewed by Paul Lyons

Tu: A Novel, by Patricia Grace
Reviewed by Elizabeth Deloughrey

Voice Carried My Family, by Robert Sullivan
Reviewed by Selina Tusitala Marsh

Sing-song, by Anne Kennedy
Reviewed by Cynthia Franklin

Theatre and Political Process: Staging Identities in Tokelau and New Zealand, by Ingjerd Hoëm
Reviewed by Markus Wessendorf

Pacific Jewelry and Adornment, by Roger Neich and Fuli Pereira
Reviewed by Donald Rubinstein

American Memorial Park Visitor Center and WWII Exhibit Hall, National Park Service
Reviewed by Tammy Duchesne

Adorning the World: Art of the Marquesas Islands [exhibit]
Reviewed by Haidy Geismar

Featured Artist: Larry Santana

Larry Santana is a Papua New Guinean graphic designer and painter whose work is nationally acclaimed. Like other contemporary PNG artists, his art has received little global attention, although he visited the United States as an artist-in-residence in 1989 and 1998.