MSC September 2020 Newsletter

Here are some sustainability announcements from the community:

* Joseph Brown, a professor in the Dept of Mechanical Engineering, teaches an introduction to materials science and would like to hear suggestions for places on campus where students can apply their understanding of materials science to issues of sustainability. Please contact him at:

* The System-wide Sustainability Council had its quarterly meeting on Sept 18, 2020,  Nicole Chatterson, Campus As Living Lab Coordinator, talked about her insights from 3 years of exploring “campus as living lab” frameworks through the lens of systemwide Zero Waste initiatives. Talk is available here:

* The Center for Pacific Islands Studies (CPIS) and the Institute for Sustainability and Resilience (ISR) are proud to present Resilient Pacific, a (Zoom) seminar series that will feature presenters whose multidisciplinary work showcases the many ways that Pacific communities develop their capacity to overcome a wide range of challenges. The talks will highlight the diverse ways that people demonstrate resilience in forging community empowerment, innovative solutions, and sustainable futures across the Pacific and beyond toward regional and global well-being. For details, please see: or

* UHERO hosts a weekly (Zoom) seminar series on energy and environmental research, featuring speakers from across campus including  UHERO, Economics, Engineering, NREM, DURP, SOEST and more. For details, please see:

* A reader recommended the following recent article: I found the final sentence to be particularly thought provoking: “Don’t think of it as the warmest month of August in California in the last century.  Think of it as one of the coolest months of August in California in the next century.”

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