MSC November 2019 Meeting

The UHM Sustainability Council met from 3-4pm on Wednesday, November 20. Discussion topics included:

* The Go Carbon Neutral project has rescheduled their “Plant 10,000 Trees In One Day (actually, 3 hours)” event for December 7, from 2 – 5pm, at Gunstock Ranch in Kahuku.  They need lots and lots of volunteers.  For more information about this amazing event, see

* If you’re interested in composting, you may wish to attend a presentation by the PBR and 30.1 consultant teams on the UHM Organics Recovery Feasibility Study on Thursday, 11/21 from 8:30 – 10 am at the C-More Hale Moore/Kaneshiro Conference Center on the ground floor opposite their main entry at the Biomedical Sciences Building. Please contact Sharon Williams ( for more information.

* Hannah Emery from the UH Office of Sustainability will be leading the effort for the 2020 Earth Day. It’s scheduled for Wednesday, April 22, and she is hoping to build a working group by the end of the semester. A very lively and entertaining brainstorming session ensued. If Hannah can pull of 10% of the ideas we came up with, Earth Day 2020 will be a smashing success.  If you want to get involved, and we know you do, please contact Hannah (

* Gaye Chan has recently completed a new batch of “Seed Sharing Stations” which are available for adoption by libraries, community centers, stores, synagogues, etc.  Here’s a link to more information: . Feel free to contact Gaye ( as well. 

* Manoa Dining Services recently received an A+ from PETA for their efforts to promote vegan and vegetarian cooking.  Wow!  Congratulations!  They have various initiatives to promote healthy and sustainable eating including cooking classes.  Please contact Donna Ojiri ( for more information.

We feasted on delicious snacks provided by Manoa Dining Services and enjoyed the cool and rainy November weather.   Our next meeting will be in January.

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