MSC January 2017 Meeting

Summary of the meeting

* Sustainability Curriculum & Research meeting (Michael Cooney, Matt Lynch).

OCN 101 (Introduction to environment science and sustainability) will be launched in Fall 2017. At end of course, disciplines can send faculty to talk about how students can pursue sustainability related topics within the discipline (architecture, urban and regional planning, chemistry, etc.) Then, during senior year, there are plans for a capstone course where students work in groups to define and implement environmental management plans for various campus systems. For more details, contact Michael Cooney (mcooney@hawaii).

Discussions around establishing a campus-wide “Sustainability and Resilience Institute”, which would facilitate collaboration amongst units on campus with respect to curriculum and other sustainability issues. For more details, contact Matt Lynch (

* Manoa Dining Services Sustainability Projects (Donna Ojiri)

Looking to hire a paid sustainability intern to focus on Manoa Dining Services projects (communication, marketing, education, etc.) . Also want to connect with Earth Day organizers. Please contact Donna Ojiri ( if you are interested in intern position.

* UHM Food Recovery Network (Jenny Park).

Jenny Park is new president of UHM FRN. Last semester the group did one recovery per week. Campus Center total was 2,074 lbs of food, Gateway was 830, total 2,904 lbs! It appears that food waste is decreasing over time. FRN really appreciates partnership with Manoa Dining Services. They intend to keep going with Fridays; if you want to help, please contact, or Instagram: foodrecoverynetworkuhm. Want to get started at beginning of February.

* Earth Week Update

Tentatively will be week of April 17th, Earth Day will be Wednesday April 19.

Matt Lynch and Jessica Sevilla are working on organization; SAFA (Student Alliance for Animals) might also help. Plans currently include an Art&Flea during Earth Week, will work with DBEDT green events checkslist. If you’re interested in participating, please contact (Shawnie Fowler).

* UHMSC Charter (Jessica Sevilla, Philip Johnson).

General agreement that Philip should work on this regardless of the impending Institute; little overlap is projected between the groups. Alana Song ( from the environmental law program generously volunteered to help out.

* Coming this fall: Sustainability Communications Internship program (with service learning credit) along with paid student positions. If you are interested, contact Matt Lycnch.

This month’s snack was a delicious vegetarian curry provided by Manoa Dining Services. Yum! Mahalo!

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