MSC November 2016 Meeting

The November meeting of the UH Manoa Sustainability Council was held on November 16 from 3-4pm. Here’s a summary:

Net Zero Classrooms

Jim Maskrey discussed Project FROG (Flexible response to Ongoing Growth); two new net zero buildings with PV to offset consumption. The grand opening was Nov 4 (Arbor Day). Currently in the process of permitting the PV; should be done by June of next year. There are other FROGS at Ilima Elementary and on Kauai. They are monitoring actual vs. predicted performance of buildings and how energy is consumed. These are mixed-mode buildings: (a) A/C, or (b) natural ventilation (default) or (c) active exhaust. Lighting involves photo-sensors and occupancy sensors. Allows lights nearer windows to be dimmer than those on other side. Ceiling fan blades designed for efficiency. Design process used modeling and simulation to determine lighting, energy, ventilation needs. For more info:

Weigh the waste

Donna Ojiri discussed the upcoming Weigh the Waste program, scheduled for the week after Thanksgiving (M-Tu-Wed) in Hale Aloha cafe (largest on-campus all you can eat cafe, 900-1000 students). Food Recovery Network and Student Alliance for Animals will do tabling. Will track and weigh the waste. Note that this generally cuts the waste in half! For more info:

CoE Sustainability Showcase

Jason Salseg is the Director of Alumni for College of Engineering, noticed in his professional career that there is a large demand in local industry for sustainability engineering projects. He is now working with alumni to find funding for student-engineering projects with a sustainability component. Envisioning an undergrad research journal for highlighting sustainability components within the projects and partnerships with community to provide higher visibility.

Some ideas during the discussion:

  • Partner with UH undergrad journal (Manoa Horizons)
  • Partner with John Cusick’s IS students.
  • UROP and ASUH for funding.
  • Sea Grant’s cluster hire in sustainability could be a resource for interdisciplinary projects.

For more info:

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