MSC April 2016 Meeting

The Manoa Sustainability Council met in HIG 210 from 3-4pm on April 20, 2016.

Summary of meeting:

UHM Earth Day (Jordan Metoyer). 9:30 – 4pm this Friday!! Music, vendors, yoga, poetry. Looking for volunteers to work on art mural tomorrow 10am-5pm / Campus Center. See flyer for lineups. Need parking map.

IUCN/Social Science Intern proposal (Aya Kimura). IUCN Soc Sciences internship proposal: Paid internship, service learning. Certificate structure: 2 courses req. (contact Aya for details). 15 spots for paid student internship, 10 for journalism class (Patricia Buskrik), 5 for Ayaʻs class.

CTHAR-CSS Certificate in Sustainability (Aya Kimura). Joint program under development by CTAHR / Soc Sciences Request funding for Specialist position to advance Sustainability Certificate submitted to Dean of Soc Sciences. CTAHR will have new Interim Dean soon.

Sustainable UH (Kristen Jamieson). Focused on Earth Day activities coming up 04/22. Introduce Elia Bruno, Kristen + Elia being recognized on Friday by DBEDT at Governorʻs office for zero waste.

Seminar Announcement: From Commodity to Kinship: The role of relationship and ritual in tomorrow’s sustainability science (Roxanne Adams). Sam Gon (see Samʻs TEDxMaui talk). Speakers on native Hawaiian relationship to natural world (kinship vs common. St John 11, Friday (Sam 11am), (Kekuhi 12:30pm).

Food Choice (Shauna Leake). Prof Victoria Anderson, Shauna Leake, Jake Garvin. Any attempt to address sustainability must include our entire ecological footprint (not just waste / energy / local food). Advocating sustainability be redefined to include Food Choice. 86% of ag lands used to raise livestock. Advocate to include animal agriculture and food choice in our definition of sustainability. For example: ʻOptimal relative sustainabilityʻ: use least amount of resources, have best impact on climate change, best for human health, create awareness, ethics and passion for a) people b) other species c) farmed animals. FOOD CHOICE table @Earth Day. Movie night coming soon?

Sustainable Summer ’16 (Sandra von Doetinchem). Confirmed Sustainable Summer Day June 26th, 2016. Full day event: children films, vendors, food, walking tours. Undergraduate (30 credit courses, students must take 2 classes) + high school certificate. Will allow credit for approved courses taken prior to. See Booth @ Earth Day (flyer avail on website).

Manoa Dining Services (Donna Ojiri). UH Hilo interested in starting Food Recovery Network chapter. Pili Group, Aloha Harvest, and other groups from public have called to ask how to support. Front page of Star Advertiser this week! Watched video produced by UH System News. National FRN has guidelines; binder. Currently 4 students sharing roles & load from CTAHR Food Sciences & Human Nutrition.

System Sustainability (Matt Lynch). SSCCC has set a goal to double the number of sustainability courses offered at UH by 2020. More info on Volunteer pathways to participation at IUCN WCC in Sept coming soon


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