MSC March 2016 Meeting

The Manoa Sustainability Council met in HIG 210 from 3-4pm on March 17, 2016.

Manoa Dining Services update: National PB&J Day ( is coming up! To celebrate, Manoa Dining Services will have an event in Hemingway 102 from 11-3 on Friday, April 1. Volunteer to make PB&J sandwiches to be delivered to the Institute for Human Services to aid the homeless. MDS is also interested in participating in Earth Day events. For more details, contact Erik Ekman (

Earth Day update: Earth Day will be in Campus Center courtyard on April 22 from 10-4. There will be booths, yoga, poetry, dancing, community art mural, and more. Need organizers to work on outreach and art. Website ( will soon be updated. For more details, contact Jordan Metoyer (

UHM Food Recovery Network update: Going to DC in April to work on national food recovery reform. Planning a “Feed your friends on campus” event in conjunction with Earth Day; hope to recover enough food to give out as samples to illustrate food waste. Current student members are graduating and now focusing on how to recruit next year’s leaders. For more information, contact Victoria Duplechain ( or see their Facebook page (

Sustainable Summer Certificate update: Certificate program information (both high school and undergrad level) will be on website ( next week. There will be online as well as in-class options. Contact Sandra von Doetinchem ( for more details.

UHM Sustainability Timeline. Roxanne Adams ( presented her rockin’ sustainability timeline ( Way to go Roxanne!

Net Zero Water, Energy, and Waste at UHM. Sharon Williams presented a slide show on the latest and most comprehensive planning yet for net zero water, energy, and waste at UHM (PDF of slides available here: Discussion ensued on how to push this initiative forward. One idea: find 40 or 50 classes across UHM that would integrate this plan into their curriculum, resulting in 1,000 students per semester who will expect/anticipate/lobby for progress.

Snacks! Thanks for Manoa Dining Services and the UHM Food Recovery Network for providing delicious snacks.

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