MSC February 2016 Meeting

The Manoa Sustainability Council met on Wednesday, February 17, at 3:00pm in HIG 210.

Sustainable Summer ’16. Outreach college is co-sponsoring with the IUCN a certificate program for high school and college students. Involves courses, Sakamaki Extraordinary Lectures, green films, beach cleanups, and a “Sustainable Summer Day” on a Sunday to be determined. Ideas for this day: Map of IUCN registered plants on campus, “Comestible” plant tours on campus, activities that might be appropriate to appear on a resume, keiki scavenger hunt with UH athletes. Contact Sandra von Doetinchem ( if you would like to learn more about this event or participate in planning.

Plastic recycling. Cole Buckley, a student in Shidler School of Business, is working on a project with a local manufacturer who is exploring the feasibility of creating a “closed loop” system where local recycled materials are used to produce new plastic. This will require a large capital investment, and the goal of the project is to determine what volume of recycled materials are available on island and whether the approach is financially sound. Cole will be meeting with Department of Health for additional data, and the military might be an additional source of data. It would be great if a white paper could be produced with any non-proprietary results of the project. Contact Cole Buckley ( if you would like to learn more.

UH Manoa chapter of the Food Recovery Network. Five students in Food Sciences have started a chapter this semester. Currently getting food from Gateway, so far about 471lbs of food have been recovered. Have already received a scholarship to go to Washington to report on project. They would like more volunteers: this involves a quick rundown on food safety, then go with a member to get the food from Gateway cafeteria and transport to IFS. Need to be able to carry about 10lbs, not too labor intensive, no need for a car. Fridays from 1:50 to 4:00. Contact: Mariah Martino (

Sustainability Summit. Planning is underway. Themes: Campus sustainability planning, sustainability curriculum coordination, student leadership, and strategic energy management. See for details. For more information, contact Matt Lynch (

UHM Arboretum. We have been accredited by an international organization as an arboretum. Next step: label more plants. See: For more details, contact Roxanne Adams (

Manoa Dining Services Report: They’ve hired a marketing/sustainability intern who will work on Earth Day and Weigh the Waste. National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day is April 2, and they are organizing an event to make PB&J sandwiches to take to IHS. For more details, contact Lana Hudson (


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