MSC September 2015 Meeting

Wednesday, September 23, 3:00-4:00pm, HIG 210

  1. Introductions (everyone)
  2. History of UH sustainability in 120 seconds (Philip Johnson)
  3. Introduction to the UH System Office of Sustainability (Matt Lynch)
  4. Recycling initiatives by Buildings and Grounds Management (Roxanne Adams)
  5. Projects for IS 489 Environmental Practicum (Kim Falinski)
  6. Update on the UHM Sustainability Curriculum Initiative (Aya Kimura, Brian Turano)
  7. What’s new this semester with Sustainable UH and the Student Sustainability Coalition of Hawaii (Kristen Jamieson)
  8. Room temperature study, IBIS plug load pilot study (Eileen Peppard, Aarthi Padmanabhan)
  9. Current status of the UHM Sustainability Council Charter (Philip Johnson)
  10. Deliverables for the October MSC Meeting (Philip Johnson)

Highlights from the meeting:

The newly established UH System Office of Sustainability is working on development of policies and funding models for sustainability across the system. One goal for this year is the establishment of additional paid positions for students to work in Sustainability. Another is the development of student and faculty awards for sustainability. Contact Matt Lynch ( for more information.

The UHM Office of Buildings and Grounds Management is working on recycling, and has a new page with location of recycling locations at: They are working on monthly metrics for recycling, and last month UHM recycled approximately 47% of the waste stream. In addition, they are planning an initiative to reduce paper towel consumption on campus: a pilot study found that the waste from one UHM building was 80% paper towels! Contact Roxanne Adams ( for more information.

IS 489 (Environmental Science Capstone) has seven students this semester, working on a variety of projects including an environmental assessment of Makiki Stream, designing signage for the Manoa Heritage Center, sand dune restoration at Bellows Air Force Station, and a socioeconomic analysis of energy use within UH athletics facilities. Contact Kim Falinski ( for more information.

A certificate in sustainability is under development. It requires evidence of student desire to take advantage this educational opportunity. Please contact Aya Kimura ( or Brian Turano ( if you can help.

Sustainable UH and the Student Sustainability Coalition of Hawaii are off to a good start, with plans for a “Manoa Soup” on October 14 to support crowd-funded sustainability projects at UHM. Contact Kristen Jamieson ( for more details.

Next UHM Sustainability Council Meeting: Oct 21, 3pm.


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