MSC March 2014 Meeting

UHMSC March Meeting Minutes

April 15 – Al Gore & Stan Sheriff – 10,000 seats, should be sold out

  •  adult and maybe student participation in closer-knit group (invite-only)
  • UH Sea Grant will send out invite in next few weeks and tickets should be available for pick-up in the next few weeks (free)
ERD Lab designed logo for Earth Day
Food policy – Nicole met with Andy
UHM Earth Day 2014: April 24 (Thursday)
2nd Annual HI Sustainabilit in Higher Ed Summit: March 13 – 15 (Thu – Sat)
Green Fees: Make sure surveys go out to general audience – announce list serv
Granite Power – power from waste heat
  • EGS – enhanced geothermal system
  • More efficiently capture heats compared to the conventional Organic Rankine Cycles
  • thermal storage – power through night & clouds – 24/7 possible
  • 20% efficiency of solar energy collected electricity
  • 70% remaining heat for desalination, heating, absorption,chilling
  • Provide a source of low cost power & expand productive & reduce emissions
  • Could save UHM $2-3M / year (just from generation side)

Granite Power could be one of many things that UHM incorporates

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