1/16/13 Meeting Notes

2013.01.16_Meeting notes

Leilei: Styrofoam ban, 3 bills drafted. Other places that have banned Styrofoam, over 70 cities and counties, so all universities in those areas have bans.  Country of Haiti banned it.

Robert: University should be leader in sustainability, not lagging behind.  New Obama building.

If sustainability council can push this, gather support.  Language should be included in future contracts with vendors.   Has anyone tried just talking to the vendors to voluntarily changing their products.   Jamba juice has already banned Styrofoam nationwide.

Tristin –sustainable coastlines: large scale beach cleanups;  4,000 volunteers,  finding significant Styrofoam and keeping data on it.

Surfrider also doing beach cleanups and could add to those numbers.  In top 5 types of litter and top 2 of beach litter.  Bans are very effective and reducing it. Not easily recyclable. In Hawai‘i it would be burned. It will take a while to push a ban through legislation (3 to 7 years). State bills tend to not go into effect right away.

David from Env Center – are there any bills at county level?

We don’t know yet – could be faster than the state.

Philip: it looks like lots of people are working on this on many levels, we don’t necessarily sustain the efforts; need to capture the work the students are doing so it can be passed on when students graduate.

Steve Meder: Domino effect, need to institutionalize, what is the pond in which we can effect change? It’s this campus. See what other campuses, cities and states have done. Get something to the chancellor before the end of the academic year is over.  Sudexo has another 3 years on its contract. Vending machines would need to be looked at.  Should have a subcommittee.

Eileen: what are the barriers? Price? Sourcing the products?

Collect other resolutions to model ours. Who can draft a resolution?  Who: Philip johnson, Tristan Cummins, Robert Perinson, Danielle Spirandeli, Leilei Shih, Doorae Shin.  Next meeting will be Feb 6, HIG 210.  Always first Wednesday 3:30-5:30.

Steve- degrees in sustainability: BS, MS, and PhD,

Tony Kuh: certificates in Energy and Sustainability.  Tony on sabbatical this semester.

John Cussick: develop proposals for degrees, tracks with the degrees (energy, sustainability); broad perspective; want to see if students show an interest in these degrees.

Steve: Landscape master plan manoa.hawaii.edu/planning , you can make comments; finished, the chancellor likes it and wants to get moving on it as soon as possible. Legacy path, Sinclair to Varney Circle are priorities, entry gate by Sinclair is very unwelcoming; issue with relocating parking (120-130 stalls).  Putting together the consultants for this now. Just announced at the Faculty Senate. Need to see how much money we have. Build them out incrementally.  Start in the next year and a half.

Cindy: walking paths up into Manoa valley?  Steve: discussed but not in plan right now.  Need some easements.

John C: more work on sustainability courtyard?  Steve: tried to pull that into Kuykendall project. Another courtyard is getting upgraded in the plan. Courtyards can have theme elements but individual also.

Doorae: would like to make the sustainability courtyard as a model, maybe have a compost.

Jeana: Problem with signs, installing some signs this semester, outreach program? SOFT is moving forward on its own, Sudexo collaborating, SOFT employing students, running out of $ for renting truck, so need to solve that issue, working on kickstarter to buy truck, styrofobia might be able to donate a truck, less than 1/8th of the food waste is being composted, signage describes why to compost, SOFT program, links to website, envision having a plate washing station, compost bin with be there,

Philip: system update, new coordinator at west oahu, 8 out of 10 campuses for meeting, plan a spring meeting to start working on system-wide policy, areas of excellence at different campuses and share success stories,

Brent: Morarboard, service organization, looking to get involved w other organization, awareness of other clubs, partner up with, they have volunteers that want to get involved, diverse group of people, ideas for projects, contact Brent Kobs and he can direct the request. bpkobs@hawaii.edu  Small group right now, 13-14 members, but they have connections with other groups. Scholarship, leadership and service.

Steve Saito:   Sustainable UHM, focusing on how to collaborate with other groups; working with Hawaiian Studies farm, festival on March 1st they will participate; past model was sustainability is sexy; it can be fun; catalyst approach; a Wednesday 10:30-2:00 (unsure of date) meeting for kickoff event, each organization has its own booth, also talk on stage briefly to explain what their club is;

Jeana has something like that organized for a radio show on a Friday if they want to join forces 9am-12pm and do it the same week? Not sure.

Steve Saito: budgeted for Da Spot food, probably campus center ballroom,

Philip and John think it should not be called a kickoff event.  Discussion: The campus center ballroom might not be a good location.  Maybe do it in Sustainability courtyard. Or maybe the central hallway area of the campus center.  Can stamp a card at each table and redeem it for a certificate for a lunch at DaSpot.  Can make this an introductory event to build up interest for a larger event.

Jeana: soft putting together a lecture series, have some funding for travel, for this semester.

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